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Remembered Today:

Just a "plug" for new functionality on my web site

Stephen Nulty

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A non-commercial site, my Prescot Roll of Honour now has some additional functions. I thought I might mention them here to both promote the site and also to show others who have similar sites of some options which they may like to consider


Firstly, visitors now have the ability to log in to the site and leave comments directly on each Casualty page. The log in is a simple processs and is simply to prevent spamming. No personal details are disclosed anywhere, so feel free to sign up and add comments.

Also, on the Casualty search page, you can...

"See all Casualty Comments" - a screen that simply lists them all

"Casualty Calendar" - select a month and year and see a list of all casualties from that date (with links to the men)

"Gallery" - as it says, a gallery of all the images I have on the site

Also on the Home Page is a feature "On This Day We Remember" (Similar to GWF's "remebered Today") which is present if there are any casualties with that day/month in the database. (Note that this feature is not displayed if there are no casualties for that date).

Hope you like the new features



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Well done on the website and research.

Do you have any men who served with the King's Shropshire Light Infantry?


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Cheers Steven,

I've just check through my index to the Wellington News and Shrewsbury Journal, which sometimes lists men from outside of the county. Sadly there is nothing on W. Eccleston.


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Thanks for looking, it's appreciated.

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Hi Steve

Very interesting site and have spent may hours perusing it.

I have an observation re William Hewson Range.

On the 'old' photo of the RoH for the Grammar School he is shown as 'W.H. Range' but it appears on the 'new' RoH this has been altered to 'W.A. Range'.

Excellent work, I may have to bend your ear again on getting a site up and running,



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Thanks Chris, coming from your good self that is really appreciated.

Graeme - there are a few mistakes on the "new" Grammar School Memorial, and I have advised the school of them. The plan was to correct them when the school was rebuilt a few years back, but it seems to have been overlooked :)

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