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Bombardier Walter C. TURPIN, RFA, d. 30 Apr 1919 on HMHS Valdivia


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Looking for more information on this chap. He's not on CWGC.

Bombardier Walter C. TURPIN, Royal Field Artillery, died of Tuberculosis 30 Apr 1919 while enroute to England on Hospital Ship "Valdivia".


His MIC description on TNA:

War Office: Service Medal and Award Rolls Index, First World War. Medal card of Turpin, Walter C. Corps Regiment No Rank Royal Field Artillery 48286 Bombardier.


Checked it on Ancestry and it does confirm the death: "Dead 30-4-19"

No apparent matches on FindMyPast's Maritime Deaths.

Would be grafeful for any additional info.



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His medal card :- entitled to the British War and Victory medals, so enlisted after 1 jan 1916 and noted "Dead" 30-4-19. Can find only one Walter C(harles) Turpin on the census returns , born 1889 Bromley Kent son of John Charles and Louisa Annie.

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John C and Louisa Annie plus family emigrated to Australia in Sept 1911, she is on Ancestry as having died in Oss but I do not have access to this particular site. I think this is his family, although he does not appear on the list. He is on the 1901 census spelt as LUEFIN would you believe !!! Ralph

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Thanks very much, Ralph. I was guessing his middle name was Charles, so searched the NAA for Walter Charles Turpin and fortunately came up with a hit:

Title: TURPIN Walter Charles - 48286 Royal Field Artillery

Series: PP2/11 (British pension files, 1914/18 War)

Date range: 1928-1930

Location (of document): Perth, W.A.

The number matches, so definitely the same man. I was wondering what the connection to Australia was but your information helps to suggest that his parents were perhaps receiving a pension, or made enquiries about one. The status of the document is "not yet examined", so I've sent a request for it to be examined. It may hold some useful info. I'm going to search Trove for mentions in W.A. newspapers.

Re the mother's death in Australia, Ancestry has a Louisa A Turpin who died in 1914, registered in Williams, W.A.

Thanks again.


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Just went back to the NAA document where I came across Walter Turpin (link in my original post) and note that N.O.K is given as "Mr. John Turpin, Binding Culin via Wichafrica W.A." There was evidently some confusion about this address (an officer suggested getting the cable sender to repeat the address and thought it might be in South Africa instead) but I see there is a place called Kulin in W.A. which is not far from Williams, where the above Louisa died.

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Martin. Thanks for getting back, interesting tale. Pleased to have helped in some way. Ralph.

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