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Remembered Today:

War Walks-The Somme


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Thanks Mike, will save link and go back to these. Only yesterday did I finally sit and watch the 4 Shell Shock links you gave some time ago. Really enjoyed them, thanks again.



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I've saved the links for this and the Mons one you posted last night Skippy, we don't have time to watch them now and didn't want to lose the threads. I also wanted you to know that all the links you post are not wasted, people are interested in them even if they don't always comment. Tis a great job you're doing Skips, thank you!

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Thank you Kim. Am sure you will enjoy them, he was a star, wasn't he.

No need to comment on any of the links, I post them as I find them, and I watch them too. I know pals appreciate them :thumbsup:


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They do!

Including me.

Cheers sir.

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