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Discovery of forgotten drawings of the Great War front by Adrien Barrè


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I haven't heard of this artist before, but I thought it might be of interest.

Armentière : Hans Landler has discovered forgotten drawings of the Great War front line by Adrien Barrère. Unpublished drawings from the First World War. Hans Landler, fourth generation veteran, and and an Armentierois through and through, has made the discovery of a lifetime. Passionate about art and history, this ambulance driver, also vice president of the Veteran association of Armentière, is at present preparing the centenary of the Great War. And he means to share his findings with the people of Armentières. Thanks to an agreement signed with the International contemporary library of documentation , today the keeper of these works, Hans landler is going to organize travelling exhibitions of Adrien Barrère's drawings, French poster artist and painter of the Belle Epoque.


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Merci Mme. Mags! Any way to see ANY more than the single illustration of the artist's work the article illustrates but also refers to the 1,000 drawings executed by this artist handed down and bought in 1977 from a woman descended from the artist by a relative of the finder in April 2012?



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No pictures by Barrère that I could see but the website of the BDIC which now has the drawings features a whole presentation of sketches and other documents relating to the war as it affected the French.


cheers Martin B

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