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Alexander Morton 306267 MM 8th Liverpool Regt


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Trying to find out where best to look for information on this chap Alexander Morton 306267 8th Liverpool (Irish) Killed in action 20th Sept 1917 near Schuler farm, believe won MM on 31st July, SDGW gives him enlisted Liverpool residence Aintree, have visited Liverpool library and looked at several papers including the Echo with no results, does anyone know if im looking in the right place or is there an alternative location where i should be looking, any help advice appreciated, Geoff

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Harry, thanks for the Gazette entry, im wondering if there are any other libraries or newspapers that may be worth checking as im not from the Liverpool area, Geoff

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He was born on 9th July 1895 and baptised a Catholic on 15th August 1895. His parents were Robert and Margaret (Mooney) Morton of 77 Kingswood Avenue, Aintree. He was a plumber by trade.

He is commemorated in the Hall of Remembrance at Liverpool Town Hall. I can't find him on the (incomplete) list of Liverpool local memorials.

He had previously been Private 3512 and first went to France on 3rd May 1915.

In the 1901 census the family were living in Stonewall Street, Everton. This would fit with Alexander being baptised at St Anthony's Latin Church.

Father, Robert, is listed as 'Time Keeper' in Bread & Biscuit Factory. (In 1911 census Robert is listed as 'Slave Keeper' - good old Ancestry!)

You can view a transcript of the 8th Irish war diary at Liverpool Museum -

  • Reference code KR/1/10, Volume 10, 1/8th Bn. King's Liverpool Regiment, 1 May 1915 - 31 Jan 1918

Have a look at the KLR site: http://www.liverpool...arch/index.aspx. Alexander is in the database.

Hopefully Promenade will pick this up, he's the KLR expert.

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I have indexes to pictures published in the Liverpool Echo/Evening Express/Catholic Herald and there are no articles for him.

However he appears in 2 local casualty lists as being wounded.

13th-Sept-1916 King's Liverpool Regiment Private Alexander 3512 Morton Aintree, Liverpool Wounded 13th-Sept-1917 King's Liverpool Regiment Private Alexander 306267 Morton Liverpool Wounded

These lists were published 4 to 5 weeks after the incident.

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If you want to read the citation, the Jeudwine Papers in the Record Office in Liverpool have many of the citations for 1917. If you're thinking about visiting, the reference is 356/FIF/6/6/12, if it was an 'Immediate Award', or 356/FIF/6/4/18 if it was awarded in the 1918 New Year's Honour list (dated Oct 1917) You'll need to ring them at least 24 hours before visiting with the catalogue number and take ID with you that includes your address, or a Liverpool Library Card. You may also try contacting Ian Riley from the Forum as he's already got a lot of them for the King's .


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Thankyou everone for the info i will print it out and have a thorough look and try to get my head around it before i plan any visit, its a pity he does not appear in the Echo, i have visited the library and found nothing so any help is very much appreciated, as is any further info, it was Joe that stirred my interest again to try and find some more info about him and hopefully that elusive image fingers crossed, thanks again, Geoff

noticed his mother name Mooney(Irish), probably the connection with him joining the 8th Battalion ?

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