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A Question About Pay

Rob Chester

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My Grandfather served in the Artillery and looking at his records, which thankfully seem to have survived the bombing and weeding processes unscathed, it shows that in April 1917 he was "Granted Class II P.Pay" and in July he was "Granted Class I P.Pay" this latter coinciding with him being promoted to Acting Bombadier. Does anybody know what these pay grades mean and how much they were worth?



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Yes, it was proficiency pay. Class II was 3d a day and Class I was 6d a day. You had to achieve certaoin technical standards, but during the war the rules were relaxed a bit and it could be awarded on the say-so of the unit CO, who was expected to know the standards required.


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Thanks both. The records don't say what he did or how he qualified for the pay. But it does say they were issued "in the field" which makes me suspect that it was given by his unit CO.

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