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no star east lancs regiment frank gower


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looking info on frank gower 9984 east lancs and labour corps

i see on his medal card he was a c,sjt

have also found a pvt in 1911 in the 1st east lancs regiment pos the same man?

as a army regular why had no star

or was he held back for some reason

also did he rejoin the east lancs after the labour corps

as east lancs is writen twice on his medal card?

cant find service record on ancestry

must have bin lost in the bombings

any info would be great


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  • Admin

His number seems to date from early to mid 1909 - http://armyservicenumbers.blogspot.co.uk/2009/06/east-lancashire-regiment-1st-2nd.html.

It may well be that he was retained at the depot for training purposes or possibly just through being unfit for overseas service.

It does appear , based on the medal index card, that he did re-join the east lancs after the stint with the labour corps.

must have bin lost in the bombings

He would have signed up for 12 years so wasn't time expired until about 1921 so there's a chance his records are still retained by the MOD.


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many thanks for your fast reply


is is strange that he was given back is old number

as i thought he would have lost it when he joined labour corps

and issued to someone else?

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