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Appointments reverted.


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I need a bit of explanation the way the army has done something.

My Nelson Morris was with the Loyal North Lancashire's in the Army Service Corps.

Over in Egypt, Nelson was appointed a/cpl.1915. Then in Basrah. 1916. he was appointed a/sgt. In 1.5.1918, Nelson was 'reverted to former rank'.

Would this have been done as a punishment for something? Or was it done as a matter of course for the army? As written on 6.11.18. Nelson was transferred from the Horse Transport company, to the, Mechanical Transport section.

Thank you for your help.

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It would depend on the vacancies within the new unit which is why it is an acting rank rather than a substantive (fixed) rank. It may also depend on the skills that he had to occupy a new role in the new unit. Alternatively, he may have been acting in the rank for another NCO or NCOs who were absent for whatever reason. If they return, he may revert. I think it would take a court martial to dislodge a substantive sergeant from his rank.

This is only a rough outline but hopefully should fill in until someone expert on ranks and appointments comes along. It could be for disciplinary reasons but there are plenty of other reasons for reversion also. Is there a conduct sheet attached to his record?


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There could already have been enough full sergeants in his new unit and no need for any acting sergeants in which case he would revert with no adverse effect on his good behaviour record - there simply wasn't the right shaped hole for him to fill.

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  • Admin

There is a note on his service record under 'reverted' as 'Surplus to Estab' (lishment) exactly as described above.

He was not transferred as such but was posted to the 'DAG 3rd echelon' Basra when he reverted to his rank of 'driver' on 3rd March 1918. This was in accordance with ACI (Army Council Instruction) 288 of 1917.

He was initially appointed A/Cpl on 10th October 1915 shortly after his arrival in theatre and appointed A/Sgt a year later on 23rd September 1916. It appears that at this time he was serving in a more active role (i.e. R.A. Section 2 B.B.D Basra).

Basra was the entry port for the Mesopatamian campaign so suggest his transfer to 3rd Echelon was probably working around the docks as the campaign wound down (but that's speculation).

He transferred to the MT (Motor transport) branch 'in the interests of the service' on the 1st June 1918 when he was given the designation 'Private' and his prefix changed from 'T' to 'M', he remained with DAG 3rd Echelon.


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Thank you everyone for your kind help. It all makes more sense now. Nelson had not been in trouble, they just did not need and 'acting seargent' anymore,

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