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Lt-Colonel Robert Francis Brydges Naylor, MC - early career


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Hi All

The above officer, of the South Staffs Regt,, was Asst. Director Signals in X Corps HQ as at October 1917.

Now I have come across an officer simply called "Naylor" who was on the staff of 5th Division between February and June 1915. My question is -

- is "Naylor" the RFB Naylor of October 1917? If so what rank was he in 1915 and what was his job title at that time?

- If "Naylor" is not RFB Naylor, would anyone know what his full name/rank/ job title was in 1915, please?

I have examined the relevant War Diaries for 1915 but can't identify who "Naylor" is from these diaries.

Any assistance would be gratefully received, please.

Thanks - Bill

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Hi Bill,

In the Dec, 1915 Army List, he is shown under ref: 818, Royal Engineers attached for Army Signal Service. Rank: Captain, 1 Oct. 12, South Staff. Regt.

He is also shown under ref: 1246, South Staffordshire Regt.:- Under Captains as:- s.s. Naylor, R.F.B., [F], 26 May, 15. (s.s.= signal service, [F] = signifies that he appears in the 'Foreign Orders' list published quarterly.

Hope this helps,


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According to H & A of the Old Contemptibles he was awarded the Legion of Honour, Croix de Chevalier, during 1914.Also MID x 6 Times: L.G. 20/10/14; 1/1/16; 15/6/16; 28/2/17; 18/12/17; 20/12/18.Shown on the last MID as:Naylor, R.F.B., Capt and Bt Major, A/Lt.Col.; M.C., South Staffs Regt.; Commands and Staff.

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Hi Robert and Harry

Thanks very much for your helpful replies. I was hoping that both Naylors were the same man and you have proved it.

Thanks again - Bill

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