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Remembered Today:

The war diary of a square peg.


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Very interesting. Is much known about the author?


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On 19/05/2013 at 04:10, StuartAB said:

Very interesting. Is much known about the author?



I did some research on MA Muegge after finding a reference to his book in something else I was reading.


He was a little difficult to track down due to British sources obviously struggling with spelling his German name.


But-He came into England in the early 1900's. He seems to have been born in Hanover, he claimed that he held various degrees from German and British Universities- his qualifications become higher with the passing years!


However I did find an Augustus (Mugge) listed as a graduate from (Cambridge- sorry it was a while ago and I don;t have notes to hand right now- just jotting down notes ), I dont think his pass was outstanding.


He was into Nietche- the whole man/superman thing and a produced a presentation for the opening of a British Eugenics Assocation.


He mentions a friend who lost his teaching job for being German- this seems to be a friend from his home town- I found this chap teaching in a school in Wales in 1911.


He wrote a number of what might be described as Odes to Nietche - I found them totally incomprehensible, then there is his Square peg Diary and post war a children;s book which I haven;t been able to find available online.


In 1911 he was living with a lady who collaborated with him on some of his books and who he dedicated one to- Laura... he married her servant.


After a couple of post war publications he then appears to disappear- however in the 1930's he changed his name by deed poll- probably saw the way Germany was going and thought that having a german surname was a bad idea I suppose. He didn't write any more books after the name change that I have found.


The house he lived in was in a Jewish area and several of his neighbours died when a nearby property was hit by bombs- he was living there before he chnged his name- given his anti-semetic views in his war diary I wonder if he was already using the new name before he made it official!


I'll have another look and clean up the details above on an edit at some stage.


He died in te 1960's I think- under his changed name which his wife and children continued to use


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