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Charles E Marslen


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On 17/05/2013 at 07:43, LarsL said:

He also had a brother, Reginald Victor Marslen who was also KIA 19 Jul 1916.


You will be interested to know Pte. Reginald Victor MARSLEN, 4348, Ox & Buck LI has pension record cards, this is the main one:


Image courtesy of WFA/Fold3

His mother, Elizabeth Ann MARSLEN, made a dependent's pension claim [Under Article 21 of the Royal Warrant] and this was recorded on a card printed in 5/19.

Unfortunately no further details on whether she was successful are overtly provided here but it seems likely she was [as it was only in 1926 that the claim is considered DEAD on the card - as reported before the main awards file will be long destroyed].  That his father's/her husband's name is not recorded suggests that he did not make a later claim.

According to the Royal Warrant, 1917, if there was pre-war or pre-enlistment dependence up to 15/- [15 shillings] per week could be awarded to a dependent such as a parent [Usually if there was no widow] = 5/- was a fairly typical award to a mother. Mothers usually got the first claim on a dependant's pension, might be followed by the father if she pre-deceased him [no evidence of this happening on this card]

That the claim is recorded as DEAD 11.2.1926 perhaps suggests by then she, and likely also her husband, were dead [?] and thus the claim was terminated.

The General Register Office has this Death Registration entry which I think is her, and earlier her husband's:

Name:                                              Age at Death (in years):  


GRO Reference: 1926  M Quarter in CROYDON  Volume 02A  Page 498

MARSLEN, EDWIN                            72  

GRO Reference: 1916  S Quarter in CROYDON  Volume 02A  Page 393

The pension index card indicates that their son was considered Missing [and this would match his later CWGC commemoration https://www.cwgc.org/find-records/find-war-dead/casualty-details/735807/REGINALD VICTOR MARSLEN - on the Loos Memorial - his body not identified as recovered]  It appears he had the later number of 266690 assigned to him, quite possibly after he was missing/had died [this seems likely given the ICRC/CICR card below which cites 4348] - this later number, likely given in 1917, is also confirmed by his BWM & VM Medal Roll and Medal Index Card https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/D3951717.

This Missing lead me to look for a possible Red Cross Prisoner of War card - I struggled on the ICRC/CICR site [it is often not an easy site to navigate] but Find My Past offered this from the ICRC/CIRC cards:


Image courtesy of FMP

Looks like his mother made several enquiries but nothing seems to have turned up [Negatif envoy 1916 & 1918] - a very sad and fruitless waiting game with a tragic conclusion.

Maybe it was only in 1919 that the loss finally largely came home - but still with a hope of just missing and an unlikely return - and only then a pension claim made [?]

:-) M

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