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A big download indeed but worth it very much. I bought the recent third edition which is a wonderful reproduction. This first edition, though, is a treasure. My grandpa had one at one time but it seems to have been mislaid over the years. Rumour has it one of my siblings used it for a school project but I don't truly recall knowing much about it until it was lost.

In any case, thank you for the link.


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I've got three copies.

The original belonged to my Grandfather who fought at Gallipoli. This copy has a hard-cover that I've never seen on another one and I suspect it was one of the very first 'paperback' printed ones that he had re-covered. I know it's one of the very first printed because it contains two errors that were rectified for subsequent 1916 (more common) printings. In the more common 1916 edition, you'll see the poem titled 'The Trojan War, 1915' written by Arthur H Adams. In my Grandfather's original copy this poem is incorrectly attributed to J. Wareham, 1st Australian Field Ambulance. The story goes that Wareham submitted a poem he'd seen written in the Sydney Bulletin but Bean was unaware of this until its true author, Sydney journalist Arthur H Adams saw it and made the truth known. To his credit, Adams was prepared to let Wareham's name remain with the poem because Wareham had earned the right to it by fighting at Gallipoli, while he (Adams) had not. Nevertheless, it was altered.

The second error appears on the plate on page 5. It's caption is 'The sunrise of April 15, 1915' which of course should have been 'April 25' and was soon amended.

I also have a copy of the more common 1916 edition with these errors rectified (like the one in the linked PDF file above) and the more modern 2010 AWM version.


Tim L.

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