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Herbert Richardson

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Herbert supposedly had to get a special license to marry in 1918 and came home from Galipoli. Is this likely? Any regiments in Galipoli at this time? He fathered a child in 1916, could stories be getting confused? He was born in 1893 in Lancashire and married in Warrington. Where do I start with no regiment name?

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Married Mary L Allen in Q3 of 1918. A copy of the Marriage Cert might show his military detail. Or if there is an Absent Voters List for 1918 for his home area it might also show his unit. As it is there are a few of his name in the Medal Cards on Ancestry over an assortment of Lancashire Regiments,which it might not be if he was other than Infantry ! One way of whittling them down is to see if there are any with the Gallipoli landing code (2B).

Gallipoli was evacuated of British troops by the end of Jan 1916.Not to say he didn't serve in the Mid East though,if he was at Gallipoli he may have later served in Egypt and Palestine,or Mesopotamia (Iraq).

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There is a 202205 Private Herbert Richardson of the 5th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers. He did not enter a war zone until after 1915 and the Medal Card won't say where and when as it is only concerned with tracking the date of soldiers who would have been entitled to either the 1914 Star medal or the 1914-15 Star Medal,to which he wouldn't have an entitlement because he didn't land before 1 Jan 1916. Not saying that this is your man,merely that 1/5 Battalion were at Gallipoli from May 1915 and by Dec 1915 had moved to Egypt,where it stayed until Feb 1917 when it moved to France.There were no other Herberts listed with service at Gallipoli.

His elder brother Theophilus joined the Royal Welsh Fusiliers,Private 31930, and also didn't land in a war zone until after 31 Dec 1915.His younger brother William may or may not have joined the military,there are several Lancs Fusiliers of the same name but we have no more to go on currently.

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