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William Gough - help identifying unit please


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This enquiry is on behalf of the extended family.

The subject is

Name William Gough, born Liverpool

Fathers name John Joseph Gough

Mothers name Winifred Gough nee Gibbons

Family history has it that he enlisted for WW1 underage, they do not know which regiment, was wounded and survived. He played the pipes.

To me it looks like Royal Irish Rifles but I am intrigued by the collar dogs which looks letters or numerals.

I don't have the original image.

Thanks in advance.



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The cap badge is definitely that of the Royal Irish Rifles and he may be wearing a RIR shoulder title as a collar dog. Frankly this is an unusual way to wear a shoulder title but it is not the first time I have seen this. Most Regiments wore their service dress, during WW1, without collar dogs although there are a small number of notable exceptions, such as the Cardiff Pals.

I have also had a quick look at Ancestry but I cannot see a William Gough serving overseas and receiving Medals whilst serving in the Royal Irish Rifles, but he could well have transferred to another Regiment.


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Hello Sepoy

Many thanks for the info on the collar dogs - looking again he appears to have only one collar dog on!



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As you probably know he was born 1 Dec 1899, and he was living in Willaston Chester in 1911 census.

So could have joined a number of regiments.

I tried SWB roll, but there is nothing there for William Gough with an RIR connection, but there are Wm Goughs with a number with Cheshire or Liverpool regts

I assume you are in contact with the owner of this Ancestry tree

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