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This book is the story of a Highland lad's Great War. Angus Mackay joined up in 1914 into 1/5 Royal Scots. He served in Gallipoli and went on to become a member of the fledgling Machine Gun Corps. Mackay served in France with 88 Bde, primarily on the Somme, but also at Ypres. The book is predominantly the story of the Battle of the Somme - even when Angus was stationed at Ypres - interspersed with the memoirs of a soldier. Notwithstanding a couple of inexcusable proof reading errors (IMHO), this is a good read. Alasdair Sutherland has done a good job!


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Although I've not read the book yet,I have just bought a copy but not at your suggestion.

I agree with you on proof reading.

The photo entitled "A Royal Scots gun crew 1914" is of the 8th Battalion.

I have the original as the L/Cpl is my forebear.

How it came to appear in Alasdair's book I have no idea but for the photo alone I recommend it to the Forum. :lol:



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