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Lt. Percival Arthur Robert George, Middlesex Regt


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You would think with a name like that, that finding who he was would be a breeze, but not so.

I have his MIC, but that just says 2nd Lt P A R George, Middlesex Regt and at the bottom, the only other information is:-


There is no record of him forfeiting medals, So what does this mean ??

In addition, although I believe he was born about 1891, I cannot get a Birth, Marriage or Death nor censuses for him. WO338 shows his Officer File with P number, so it will not be available in TNA

I can get from LG

1917 Jun 27. Midd'x R.— Percival Arthur Robert George commissioned 2nd Lt

1918 Dec 27. Midd'x R. Temp. 2nd Lt. P. A. R. George to be temp. Lt.

1920 Apr 15. Midd'x R. Temp. Lt. P. A. R. George relinquishes his commission on completion of service, and retains the rank of Lt.

1939 Nov 22. Lt. P. A. R. George, late The Midd'x R., relinquishes the rank of Lt. on enlistment into the Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps. 22nd Nov. 1939

I have tried Australian and Canadian soldiers in vain.

So in the end I have no idea who he was, can anyone help?

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Well! is this name a huge coincidence of the first name initials?

I couldn't decide whether to ignore it or not, and after a lot of wondering I decided to pass the problem on to you.......

Found in British Officers taken Prisoner of War on Findmypast:

P. A. R. George 2nd Lieutenant of the 8th Battalion Liverpool Regiment was reported missing on the 20/11/1917 and was repatriated on the 13/12/1918. Western Theatre of Operations.


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Thanks for that - I had missed the POW entry. Certainly must be him - I have cross checked in Messers Cox book of POW and he is certainly given as P A R George. Keep me going for hours trying to see what happened between Liverpool and Middlesex Regts

However it still leaves me with him having no past in censuses or BMD

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