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RFC c1917 Flt Sgt Badge Id

Tim Knight

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I have been looking at a chart of "Badges and Emblems of the Royal Airforce" reproduced in the Military History section of the Family and Local History Handbook. It doesn't have this badge. Can anyone tell me what the four blade propellor with the four-point diamond in the middle meant?

Also, what would a "Disciplinarian" do?




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The total badge was "Flight Sergeant".

A Discip. NCO is the equivalent of the Provost or Regimental Police NCO in army-speak. On a RAF station, he would report to Station Warrant Officer or Adjutant. The Adjt. post has disappeared.

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In the modern RAF three stripes and a four bladed prop signifies the rank of Chief Technician, this prop possibly indicates something similar.

John Milner

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For Tim Knight:

May, Carman and Tanner, Badges & Insignia of the British Armed Services, published 1974, Pg 232 and 323, "Flight Sergeant, three chevrons, above them a propeller and star badge and above that a kings crown" (Royal Flying Corps dress regs, 1911 and 1913 amendments.)

The "Disciplinarian" must have been an appointment because the badge itself apparently denotes only a Flight Sgt, RFC.

The second photo is that of a ?, the third is a sgt and the fourth is a sgt with what looks like a physical training instructor badge above it. This reference I use does not mention non-substantive badge for the RFC. Perhaps it was just an "anything goes" attitude with the ranks. (What is different about that, nowadays!)

Pure speculation, but perhaps photo #2 is a sergeant in a hurry to get his photo taken and couldn't or didn't have access to the four bladed propeller.

Sergeant is three chevrons with propeller above and corporal is two chevrons without the propeller.

Does this help?



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