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Remembered Today:

George Keil, Canadian in the RFC

Ian Underwood

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Hi all

One of my Great Uncles was George Keil of the RFC and later the RAF. He was an East Ender of German extraction who emmigrated to Canada pre war. He is not listed in the CEF attestation records.

I had one of the pals do some research at the PRO for me but his service number indicated that his records were not held there. Apparrently I can write somewhere to obtain them but I never found out where.

Oral family history tells that he flew 'reconnaissance' and had two crashes (at least one in France) and ended the war with a plate in his head. He returned to Canada after the war. I have two pics of him, one in RAF unifiorm and one in the classic double breasted RFC jacket.

I posted a question about him in Soldiers before this section was up and running and also back then I thought his name was spelt with two Ls (Keill) which was a later spelling of the family name.

Anybody have any info on this chap, he's proving to quite ellusive.

Thanks, Ian.

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Thanks Neil, it was that thread that prompted me to post my query.

I have checked online and my man doesn't appear have a MIC at the PRO, and he didn't attest with the CEF. I was hoping that someone with a deeper knowledge of the RFC and perhaps a listing of crashes could bring up some information.

He is proving to be most problematic.


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