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Help Interpreting "Verdun A" Map Coordinates


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I'm researching an AEF soldier (7th Inf, 3d Div) killed in action 11 Oct 1918 and have obtained documents containing the coordinates of his isolated grave, finally found in late 1925. The coordinates are "E-308.075, N-281.885" and refer to Map Verdun A 1/20,000. By a stroke of luck I have a scan of that map, but despite my best efforts to research and learn about WWI map references can't make sense of the coordinates. I've attached snips of the coordinate reference and a bit of the map.

As you can see, the outside grid axes are two-digit numbers, while the coordinates are "three digits.dot.three-digits" I understand (I think) the box-grid system used to locate points on 1/20,000 maps. But the coordinates I have don't match the grid axes. The only way I can make them work is to drop the first digit in each of the coordinates, which would make them "E 08.075" and "N 81.885". That would put the location about a km north of Cierges, whiich would make sense given the 7th Inf's position on 11 Oct.

But that's an entirely arbitrary step on my part. I'm thinking the coordinates may not be grid references but some other kind of coordinates.

Obviously I'm no map expert and would greatly appreciate any guidance forum members might provide.



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See if these help--see about 3/4 down on the first page...



Sorry..those are REALLY big images--let me know if you need any more help.


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