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Essex Regiment in 1914 and before


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I am trying to find out what the 2nd Bn The Essex Regiment may have been involved in on 23rd October 1914

An ancestor of my wife was serving with that unit when he was killed on that day, he was a member of 2nd Bn, and was killed, his body was not found, and he is commemorated on the Ploegsteert Memorial

He was 8117 Pte George Edward Myall, and as part of our family history research, we would like to be add to add some information about him to our family files - but finding it difficult, we cant even find out what his unit was actually doing on the day of his death, we read all the sites we could find about 2nd Bn in Belgium at that time, and very little is written about any action on which they were involved on that day.

We have found that George enlisted some time between 20th June 1904 and 20th January 1905, and that he was in Quetta in India as a member of C Coy 1st Bn the Essex Regiment in 1911 when the England census was done, and although this is off the topic of the Great War, we have no idea of what service he had at any time from his enlistment to the time of his death, even the sites we have found that mention 1st Bn have no info about what 1st Bn was doing in India

If anybody can help us with some information about anything that 1st Bn was doing from 1904 to 1913 when George transferred to 2nd Bn, and what 2nd Bn was involved in from then to 23rd October 1914 when George was listed as killed in action, that would be so much appreciated.

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According to the LLT, the 1st were based in Mauritius when war broke out and returned to England in December, before embarking to Gallipoli in March 1915. The 2nd were based at Chatham in August 1914 as part of 12th Brigade in 4th Division, landing at Le Havre 28th August. Possibly, George was home on leave etc etc when war broke out, and then transferred? The date that you have for his death was during the Battle of Messines, which was part of what became known as the 'race to the sea'. Most likely, George was killed in action on the 23rd (when he was last seen) but his body was never recovered, hence the commemoration at Ploegsteert. This would account for no casualties mentioned on the day as he would still be presumed alive/missing. It could also be, that he was found later and buried, but the burial place lost in time. Hopefully someone much more knowledgable will turn up to fill in the gaps.



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Information from `The Men Of Essex`, Vol 7, produced by the Essex branch of the WFA, 1st Battalion, The Essex Regiment. 1902 to India. 1906 to Burma. 1909 to India. 1913 half the battalion to Mauritius (as Sean notes), half the Battalion to South Africa. 3rd August 1914, the two half`s of the 1st Essex Battalion recalled to England. Have you tried the Essex Regimental Museum, in Chelmsford, for more background on Pte Myall and the 1st and 2nd Battalion`s? I`m sure that they would be able to help. Good luck with your research .

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thanks to all who have added some information for me, I will try the Museum again, I did find them on a Chelmsford site, but could find no contact point to ask them questions, so will try again

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