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Remembered Today:

has anyone seen this picture before?


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This picture is in the collection of a local historical society here in Victoria, Australia. Unfortunately I couldnt upload it in it's original file size and the quality of the picture deteriorated. The aircraft number is D.636. It was taken in the middle east and is one of a number of pictures of the same aeroplane from a collection of pictures taken by a fellow in the Australian Light Horse called Michael Augustus Ryan


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Another photograph of D636 also appears in Desmond Seward's book about his father [William Eric Louis Seward] 'Wings over the Desert' (Haynes Publishing, 2009, ISBN 978 1 84425 672 3)

The caption describes it as a captured Albatros DIII

In Seward's photograph the tail number can be read as D.636/17 (the oblique stroke and the 17 being in a smaller face and slightly beneath the line of the rest of the number.)

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Yes, that aeroplane does look like it is possibly the same one. Here are two more pictures from the same album, I am sorry I have to reduce them as the quality is diminished



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