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Function of depots - info required (books, A/O's etc etc).


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I've been trying to get my head around this for a while without luck...

When a 1st line T.F battalion was mobilised it was done so via its depot but was generally moved off relatively quickly to its war station - it remained open for recruitment with an administration staffing to handle records.

When the 2nd/3rd line units were raised these too were generally raised via the depot and then moved off to war stations. Did the depot still hold the administration staffing to handle records for these battalion via the depot adjutant or did each battalion have its own staff at the depot ?. I know that the 2nd line were initially staffed by those officers and men left behind when the 1st line was posted abroad.

I know that the 2nd/3rd line recruitments were handled via the depot and then posted to the battalions who then generally passed them on to the 1st line but how long did the depots hang on to them ? Presumably only long enough to enlist them and then dispatch them to the battalions for training ?.

Are there any good books or specific A/O's on the staffing of the depots ?


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I cannot see anything specific in AOs, but perhaps the following is of interest.


You would have to look at each year for the ACIs and the following is for 1916. Some may be of interest but you wouldn't know that until you have read the relevant ACI.




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