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Gt War burials in St. Nazaire

Ian C

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I was out photographing some Gt War graves in Dublin this morning, one of them has on the headstone (not a CWGC headstone) the details of two sons of the casualty actually buried there. You will see that Charles Robert Young RAMC died on 27.9.14, when I got home and looked him up I found that he is buried, along with 81 other casualties of the Gt. War (79 from the first 3/4/5 months of the war and 3 from 1918) in St. Nazaire. That seems to be an awfully long way from the front, even to have a hospital, does anyone have any info on a hospital there or any other ideas on why they are buried so far from the front?



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Whilst visiting Escoublac cemetery I also went to St Nazaire, and found an interesting headstone for a very young man was died very early in the conflict, and I presume was (as above) treated at St Nazaire hospital



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