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Remembered Today:

New twinning for Ypres.


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Ypres now has a new sister town as confirmed by local media channels.

New signage will soon go up around the town confirming the new twinning with the town of WA in GHANA!!

The official town magazine called " Iedereen stadsmagazine voor Ieper en deelgemeenten" reveals the full info with images of the new town twinning signage on page 23.

Such a glorious sunny day it is today in Wa, er I mean Wipers!!

Best wishes


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Sounds like the local council has been took over by the Manchester one we had in the eighties when we were twinned with every god forsaken place in the world, as long as it was deemed right and controversial.

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When I worked for Coventry Council in the '80s there was a joke that Coventry was twinned with every town where a bomb had fallen in the Second World War.

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I once heard (an this is not true) that "Wipers" was twinned with Winnipeg. Though there is of course a connection due to the Winnipeg Rifles, but if you have ever spent a winter in Winnipeg, you would find Ypres tropical.....

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... new twinning with the town of WA in GHANA ...

Chris - some of the doings of the Burghers of Ypres have long since baffled me, especially matters relating to the Great War. Is this in any way related to WW1 ? I can hardly see how, but anyway, Wa is in northern Ghana, the mainly Muslim part of the country.

Has any explanation for the twinning been offered or is it something we (on GWF) should just ignore ?


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