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Bottomley, John Wood

JN Heddle

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Dear Forum Members,

I have found, what, at first glance, are two records of the same person, but with very different information and only a slight hint of a connection.

Below are the details of both records :


Lieut Bottomley, John Wood, attached, 1st Canadian Infantry Battalion, CEF

On the Library and Archives Canada’s website; (http://www.collectio...4028akmquqn3ba7),"Soldiers of the First World War", there is listing for a Lieut Bottomley, John Wood, enlisting at Valcartier, Quebec, on 22 Sep 1914, and appointed as the Pay Officer for the 1st Canadian Infantry Battalion, CEF.

On this website, Bottomley lists his previous military service as : service with the North West Mounted Police and service in the South African Campaign


CSM Bottomley, John Wood, 25th Bn, Royal Fusiliers

On the Canadian Great War Project website (http://www.canadiang...t.com/index.asp), 13387 CSM Bottomley, John Wood (25th Bn, R Fus) is listed as being killed on 23 Jun 1915 in German East Africa. The website listing does mention that he did transfer to a British Regiment, without naming the Unit, or the date of transfer.

Both websites list these men as being formerly Railway Mail Clerks and both liste show them as being born in Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada. This is slightly more than a simple case of the same name.

Can anyone satisfy my curiosity on these two men.

I am of the opinion that Bottomley transferred from being a Lieut (Unit Paymaster) of the 1st Cdn Inf Bn, CEF, either in late 1914 or very early in 1915, to the 25th (Legion of Frontiersmen) Bn, Royal Fusiliers.

If I am correct in this opinion, I would appreciate it very much if someone can 'connect-the-dots', so to speak, with some documented evidence.

vaya con Dios

John N Heddle

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No service record for the RF soldier survives the ravages of the Luftwaffe,so seemingly hard to connect the two in that way. Should you not be able to see the Canadian service record (additional to the Attestation form you refer to) where it is likely a transfer/resignation/re-signing is mentioned ?

The UK Forces Medal Index Cards do show this soldier as CSM JW Bottomley 13387 as first landing in the war zone of Africa (4a) on 4 May 1915.

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SDGW has him born in Simcoe, Norfolk County. I can't read the place of birth on the Canadian Attestation. It is a pity there is no NoK on there either. The age is a couple of years adrift on the CWGC, but that wouldn't overly worry me.

Do you have access to the Canadian Census to see if, by pure chance, there are two of them?

Have you looked at the war diary to see if he gets a mention?

Other than that, it is as Sotonmate suggests - getting hold of his CEF service record.


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I think they are one and the same man. Have a look at his NWMP file. Family residence is Simcoe. Father is J G Bottomley. He served just under a year with the NWMP before joining the SAC in February 1901.


Edit: just found him in De Ruvigny and the entry leaves little doubt that they are the same man.

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To Sotonmate and Phil Evans,

Thank you for your replies to my post.

I have sent e-mails to both Libraries and Archives, Canada as well as the Canadian Great War Project.

I am awaiting their replies, which could be anywhere from 5 days to 15 days.

However, since I am out of the country, my reources for information gathering, are limited, at this time.

vaya con Dios


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