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Blogging about the Vosges frontier 1871-1914


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I have started to blog about the pre-Great War frontier in Alsace and the Vosges, using my own resources and photos.

The Blue Line

I decided to use the year before the Centenary to dip into the life of the new Reichsland Elsaß Lothringen created from the départements of Alsace and part of Moselle by the Treaty of Frankfurt. Wanting them back was a key to France's involvement in war.

Please be aware that I am writing for a general readership.


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Hello, I've been reading your blog this morning it is fascinating.

I read a thread in the cemeteries subforum which you started and closed perhaps out of frustration at a lack of response. I think this is unfortunate as your threads on the war and vestiges which remain today started by you and Egbert are remarkable in their detail. Perhaps there is not a huge response on a forum in which interest is geared more to the Ypres and Somme sectors but I think there is still an interest in the passionate and detailed threads produced about this region which is reminiscent of the Blue Ridge mountains where I spent parts of my childhood.

best wishes,


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