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This is the second case I have come across. (A. Brady Royal Irish Fusiliers} Medical Discharge in one service and join an other service. how common was this? 14008 Private Fredrick Brooks 9thBn Royal Irish Fusiliers Medical discharge no longer fit for war duty. Discharge 25 May 1915

M/345879 Brooks Fredrick Enlisted in the Royal Army Service Corps date N/K

Date of Death 12 May 1918 France & Flanders. Fred Brooks is from Armagh. I cannot find a service records, enlistment date or details of death. Can any member help? Many thanks Joe www.armaghwarmemorial.com

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Presumably they were deemed unfit pre MSA 1916 and then later considered fit for conscription following an amendment to the act in May 1916, I've seen a few men who fell under this clause.


Paragraph Five of the Schedule of exceptions (that is, "Men who had served with the military or Navy and been discharged on grounds of ill-health or termination of service";) ceased. Men who had been discharged became eligible for serice again. If he was a Warrant Officer or NCO when previously discharged, he was restored to this rank while in reserve and awaiting call-up.


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I had not realised that he re-enlisted but the first part of his service is in the book (you really must get a copy!!) page 531. I have seen a fair number of cases like this. Craig's answer above is as likely as any. Alterantively he could have had something wrong, which was cured or which he managed to conceal. The May 1915 discharge is also common for men of the Ulster Division - I believe that just prior to the move to England those who were borderline fit were discharged - there are too many in that month for it to be a coincidence.


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