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Named cap badges...

o j kirby

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Hello troops,

I suppose many of us obtain items, and wonder what the untold story was behind them. Recently, I bought a damaged Royal Warwickshire cap badge. On one side of the slider is scratched the name "Heath", whilst on the other, the numbers 35_6.

It did not take long to establish that a medal index card exists to 3536 Pte Henry Heath, Royal Warwickshire Regiment. I have not seen the card, nor as yet found any further details.

Have any other members seen a similar personalisation of a cap badge?


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I have seen them before and have two kinds but not quite like yours, first is a silver hallmrked Liverpool Pals cap badge engraved with recipients details and date of presentation by Lord Derby. The second is a ASC ORs cap badge, not named nut the owner has deeply incised a geometric pattern I assume so he would know its his??


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I have an RCR Guelphic crown badge with the service number for 427443 Pte Sidney Learson scratched into the back. Since Learson was a reinforcement joining the Regiment in the field on 8 Jun 1916, it is interesting that he managed to lay hands on a copy of the 1894 pattern badge which, having officially been replaced by the EviiR and then GvR versions, was still in use by the Regiment (along with the King's badges ) as they campaigned for its official return. I suspect he marked it to ensure some other soldier didn't liberate it to have the preferred regimental badge for himself.

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Welsh Guards cap badge with last three 777 on the slider, looks as if officially engraved. I understand that it was practice in Welsh units for men to be know by their surname, followed by their 'last three' eg Jones 679 or davies 435. For obvious reasons.

tony p

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