Hi, Pre-dissembly Pics attached of a P08 set I've just acquired. The seller said that he'd bought it off a chap who was 'clearing out his grandad's loft' and he wasn't sure if it was WWI or WWII? It appears to be all P08 apart from a P37 large pack (looks like it's 1945 dated) and a WWII period canteen. Unfortunately there's not much in the way of legible dates other than a 1919 on the e-tool carrier and a 1915 on the e-tool head. The price paid for the set was *scarily* reasonable (I'm still in mild shock...) and assuming it's 'as found', is it likely someone would have been issued such a set in WWII? The other possibility is that it was put together by a collector some time ago as the cartridge carrier pockets are padded out with old newspaper. I unrolled one piece and it was 1981 dated. All input gratefully accepted. It's now dismantled and I'm intending to post pics of the components for an appraisal in due course. Cheers, Mark