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Glaucan Wodd ?


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One of my men, Sgt Crompton 2nd Suffolks, reported to have won MM at Glaucan Wood I cannot find that wood, likely to be a spelling error of ocurse but nothing like it been found as yet.

Any ideas from the experts please ?

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I've a nagging thought I've heard the name but cannot remember where - there is certainly no mention in the index of the Suffolk Regiment History nor have I found it by scanning the war diary for 2nd Suffolks from late 1917 through 1918. Did your man serve with any other units? Another possibility would be Glencourse Wood near Ypres but that isn't too close in phonetics.

I'm sure someone will know anyway.



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I did consider Glnecorse, but I don't think the 2nd Suffolks were involved there. Where oh where is that list of Military medal winners?

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