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Canadian 3rd Labour Battalion - War Diaries


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11 Battalion Canadian Railway Troops is the Diary you seek. 3 Labour Corps was renamed .

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Fantastic and Thank You, that absolutely makes sense to me. The man I'm researching - Towsley 639181 - failed his medical (eye exam) and was transferred to the 3rd Labour Corps and then the 11 Battalion Canadian Railway Troops. It just didn't indicate that the Labour Corps was renamed.

As always a quick response that helps so much and allows me to continue my research!


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There is a term often used in the diary - C.R.T - that I do not know what it means

"working for 1st Bn C.R.T. on maintenance of right-of-way"

Anyone know what CRT is or refers to?

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Second question.

In reference to the daily casualty list a term I have not seen before - N.Y.D.and N.Y.D.N

"Casualties, 4 killed in action, 2 died of wounds, 9 wounded, 1 N.Y.D., 16 casualties in all"

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Guest proudcanadian

The 3rd Labour Battalion was formed when a Colonel Munro who as initially with the 90th Battalion Winnipeg Rifles, but 90th C.E.F. as soon as they shipped out my Grandfather was Lt. Norman Joyce D'Arcy out of Winnipeg and the 3rd was put together using almost all former 90th officers, he was in charge of Company A and added a Military Cross while with the 3rd. He got his Captaincy while with the 11th C.R.T. but was up for a move from Lt. to Major when it was formed as it was his baby so to speak, having put most of it together. He was a Lawyer before joining up so handled many court marshals.

Every letter he wrote home to his parents, 2 brothers, 5 sisters was kept and he typed them into a 200 page book supplementing what he could that the censors would have cut, place names etc.

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