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wooden Flare carry case?


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hey everyone,

I was surfing google images the other day and came across this picture that was unrelated to the search but which grabbed my attention.


I saw this picture and remembered I have a similar box without the strap I'd got from my grandads,

I ratched it out to have a look.


E16 stamped on bottom


bottom of box showing 8 screws


front of box


sides showing where attachments were nailed/screwed in


rear of box


interior of box has a wax coating?

other than the E16 stamp I can't find any other marking without perhaps removing the varnish/paint. the size of the box is about 8 and 3/8 inches tall by 8 and 5/8 wide and 4 and 3/8 deep

other than the one picture on the internet I can't seem to find any information, does any one know what era this is from? and any information regarding it?

cheers in advance,


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It looks like a ww1 exploder box box

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It looks like a ww1 exploder box box

do you have an pictures or information on them?

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