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Attack on Nobles Farm


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On 30 October 1917 the 2/6 Londons attacked Nobles Farm during 3rd Ypres. They were also ordered to attack what looks like 'Mebuses' to the SE of the farm. An extract from the War Diary is attached where the word is used three times. Does anyone know what the word means?



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Clive, Mebu = mannschafteisenbetonunterstande = pill box. The British found the word mebu on some pill box plans and copied it....mebuses is a corrupted plural. In October the word pill box was still not in general circulation.


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MEBUs were German concrete bunkers - Mannschafts-Eisen-Beton-Unterstand - I believe translates as (MG) crew reinfoced concrete positions and were used in relation to the concrete positions in the Hindenburg Line used to protect German MG crews from artillery fire.

Mebu or Mebuses was a term used by the British to describe German concrete pillboxes and bunkers though these weren't necessarily what the Germans called all their concrete pillbozes and shelters.

There have been discussions on the forum determining exact nomenclature of concrete bunkers etc. I've only really looked into themin relation to the Hindenburg Line though.

Kind regards


PS Darn, too slow....

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