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Lt John Steel, 10th Sherwood Foresters


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I would be grateful if anyone could help me identify when Lt John Steel joined the 10th Sherwood Foresters.

I have studied his file at the NA and gone through the War Diaries.

He was badly wounded on the 26th August 1918 near Courcellette.

However, I wonder if anyone has the Regimental History and is able to look it up for me please and see if he is mentioned.

He was still with the 12th Training (Reserve) Bn on the 1 Nov 1916 as Assistant Adjutant.

[He had previously served in the ranks of the 1st Wiltshire Bn but was wounded at Hooge/Sanctuary Wood just before the 8 July 1915]

Many thanks!


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I have this information on John Steel, served in the ranks of the Wiltshire Regiment as an A/Sgt with the number 10911, he became a Second Lieutenant with the 13th Battalion The Sherwood Foresters on the 21st January 1916. (Lieutenant with the 10th Battalion on the 21st July 1917)

He was posted back to the 10th Battalion The Sherwood Foresters on the 21st July 1917. John later served with the 53rd Young Soldiers Battalion, The Leicestershire Regiment at Rugeley and received gunshot wounds to his lower jaw received in action on the 26th August 1918 at Courcelette.

10th Battalion Casualties on the 25th August 1918, 2/Lieutenant Smith, Killed, 2/Lieutenant Catto, Lieutenant Steel, 2/Lieutenant Thomas and Captain John R.A.M.C. wounded.

26/27th Lieutenant Hodding rejoined the Battalion from Brigade and took command of 'C' Company from Lieutenant Steel.


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Bronno, Many thanks for your speedy response and for providing this key information. My initial source has been John Steel's personal file at the National Archives, but whilst a very full one (86 pages!) there is some ambiguity in some key dates. Much of the file encloses (many) letters seeking a pension (many of which are after acknowledgement of a receipt of his earlier letter - clearly the bureaucracy was overwhelmed by the numbers of those seeking to claim!).

May I ask the source you have for his posting to the 10th on the 21st July 1917 please - is it the Regimental history?

I also assume that (perhaps apart from some periods of leave) he was with the 10th until being injured on the 26th August 1918?

And that he went to the Young Soldiers Battalion after he had (at least partially!) recovered from his wounds?

An MG bullet passed through his jaw and he was extremely fortunate to survive.

Fortunately the War Diaries for both the 1st Wiltshires and 10th Sherwood Foresters are available on line from the NA as you I am sure know!

Thank you again

best wishes


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