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Remembered Today:

7th Battalion, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry


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Can anyone (Hambro ??) help with the below, please.

Researching a man killed in the

7th Battalion, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry on Friday 20 September 1918

Have no information whatsoever what the DCLI were up to so anything, however small, would be a bonus.

Many thanks,


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The Regimental History has them in the line near Acheville. On the 14th 2Lt Rods was wounded on a patrol. On the 15th-16th A Coy raided the enemy's trenches Triumph and Tempest but no prisoners were taken. Otherwise 'trench warfare' of 'a strenuous nature' with shelling, raids and patrols. No further mention until 26th Sept when they attacked the enemy trenches - Triumph and Nova Scotia.

Hopefully the war diary will give more info and someone will be along with it shortly.

I'm at Kew next week so if you draw an blank let me know and I may be able to get a copy of the diary for this time.

Kind regards


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