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Old Contemptibles Association - List of badge numbers

Andy Wade

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I am sorry, but it has been clipped hard. I think it is a local rag to the Woolwich area of South East London. It be before 1966 as that was when he died.

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An updated list of known Old Contemptibles' Association Badge Numbers issued to Chums - a further 40 have been added:

Chum J. E. Davies                                3          Founder (Hackney) Branch[1]

Chum J. Clark                                      7          Founder (Hackney) Branch[2]

Chum R. J. Blake                                 20         Founder (Hackney) Branch[3]

Chum G. F. Milne                                27         Founder (Hackney) Branch[4]

Chum W. Murray                                 75         Founder (Hackney) Branch

Chum D. H. Brewer                             138       Founder (Hackney) Branch[5]

Chum C. Portway                                 166       Founder (Hackney) Branch[6]

Chum J. Morris                                                350       Founder (Hackney) Branch

Chum J. Bovill                                     396       Founder (Hackney) Branch[7]

Chum A. E. Kent                                 417       Founder (Hackney) Branch[8]

Chum A. J. Course                               432       Founder (Hackney) Branch (Badge Lost)[9]

Chum F. Murray                                   551       Founder (Hackney) Branch[10]

Chum E. J. Brown                                557       Founder (Hackney) Branch[11]

Chum A. W. Austin M.C., M.M.          597       Founder (Hackney) Branch[12]

Chum E. A. Hadaway                            846       Founder (Hackney) Branch[13]

Chum G. Barrett                                   1029     Founder (Hackney) Branch[14]

Chum D. J. Sweeney                            1373     Founder (Hackney) Branch[15]

Chum J. H. Binley                                1783     Woolwich & District Branch

Chum H. J. W. Monk                          2329     Founder (Hackney) Branch[16]

Chum L. F. Fossey                                2658     Nottingham Branch[17]

Chum G. J. Smith M.M.                                   3289     Leeds & District Branch

Chum T. H. Godbold                          3556     Woolwich & District Branch

Chum C. Snelley                                  3670     Hastings & St Leonards Branch

Chum C. S. French                               3735     Eastbourne (General French) Branch

Chum W. T. Baildham                         3878     Founder (Hackney) Branch[18]

Chum T. Bradley                                  3953     London Area Roll[19]

Chum Farley                                         4143     West Ham Branch (Badge Lost)

Chum E. G. White                               4646     Folkestone & District Branch

Chum A. Berridge                                5497     Nottingham Branch[20]

Chum G. J. Scrivens                             5562     Walthamstow Branch[21]

Chum A. E. Moulder                            5725     City of Oxford Branch

Chum A. E. Allen                                 5748     London S.W. No. 2 (Brixton) Branch

Chum W. H. Coombes                                    5877     Bournemouth & District Branch

Chum E. J. Harrington                          6165     East Acton Branch

Chum W. H. Stevens                           6186     Founder (Hackney) Branch[22]

Chum W. H. Clarke                             6341     Barking Branch (Expelled June 1935)

Chum G. Lee M.M.                              6483     Branch Unknown (London Area)

Chum W. W. Tovey                            6752     Walthamstow Branch[23]

Chum H. King M.M.                            6799     Cheltenham Branch[24]

Chum Beale                                         7926     Duchy of Cornwall Branch (Expelled June 1935)

Unknown                                             8559     Southall-Norwood Branch (Badge Lost)

Chum J. W. Jones                                8719     Liverpool Branch

Chum M. W. A. P. Graham                  8730     Nottingham Branch[25]

Chum J. Garstang D.C.M.                     9356     Preston & District Branch

Chum T. H. Middleton                                    11252   Walthamstow Branch

Chum A. H. Slack                                11778   The Hague Branch

Chum A. Newton                                 89A      Nottingham Branch

Chum H. Duckworth                            168A    Blackpool & District Branch (Expelled May 1935)

Chum F. O’Connor                              377A    Nottingham Branch

Chum E. Lupton                                  408A    Blackpool & District Branch (Expelled April 1935)

Chum A. Grant                                     409A    Blackpool & District Branch (Resigned April 1935)

Unknown                                             446A    Derby Branch (Badge Lost)

Unknown                                             454A    Derby Branch (Badge Lost)

Chum J. Parks                                      629A    Nottingham Branch

Unknown                                             689A    Derby Branch (Badge Lost)

Unknown                                             973A    Derby Branch (Badge Lost)

Chum J. W. Rains                                1202A   Nottingham Branch

Unknown                                             1388A   Derby Branch (Badge Lost)

Chum E. A. Brady                                1927A   Nottingham Branch

Unknown                                             2016A   Derby Branch (Badge Lost)

Chum W. Comery                                3096A   Leicester Branch

Chum F. Bowles                                   3785A   Nottingham Branch

Chum R. F. Giles                                 3878A   Gravesend & District Branch

Chum J. Simpson                                 3098A   Nottingham Branch

Chum W. Wright                                 3920A   Nottingham Branch

Chum C. A. Riches                               4284A   Norwich Branch (Badge Lost)

Chum J. Robb                                      4534A   Newcastle-upon-Tyne Branch

Chum A. L. Hickman                           4986A   City of Oxford Branch

Chum C. A. Riches                               5286A   Norwich Branch (Replacement Badge)

Chum W. T. Spice                               5429A   Lewisham Branch (Expelled July 1936)

Chum H. W. Tilbrook                         5550A   Braintree Branch (Expelled May 1936)

Chum W. Atherton                              5613A   Portsmouth & District Branch

Chum W. Crookes                               5683A   Ashton-under-Lyne Branch

Chum W. Buckley                               5709A   Croydon Branch

Chum C. E. C. Hingle I.S.M.                5747A   Chelsea Branch

Chum A. E. Douglas                             5799A   Walthamstow Branch[26]

Chum J. Deed D.C.M.                         5800A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum J. Childs                                     5801A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum G. Bryerley                                5802A   Walthamstow Branch (Badge Lost)

Chum S. S. Mallinson                           5803A   Walthamstow Branch (Badge Lost)

Chum H. Fulker                                   5804A   Walthamstow Branch (Badge Returned)

Chum J. Goodman                               5804A   Walthamstow Branch (Badge Reissued)[27]

Chum J. W. Barton D.C.M.                 5805A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum A. G. Jackson                             5806A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum H. P. Dymond                           5807A   Walthamstow Branch (Badge Returned)

Chum G. J. Worton                             5808A   Walthamstow Branch (Badge Lost)

Chum J. A. Saul                                               5966A   Founder (Hackney) Branch

Chum W. Faircloth                              6175A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum G. E. Worth                              6176A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum W. Dodson                               6177A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum H. T. Hannibal                          6178A   Walthamstow Branch (Badge Not Returned)

Chum E. C. Webber                            6179A   Walthamstow Branch (Badge Lost)

Chum G. S. Williams                           6180A   Walthamstow Branch (Badge Returned)

Chum H. H. Davenport                                    6181A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum J. C. Dennis                               6182A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum A. R. Watson                             6183A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum E. B. Barrett                               6184A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum F. W. Denny                             6185A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum T. L. Sterry                                6186A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum G. E. Laver                                6187A   Walthamstow Branch (Expelled 19 July 1933)

Chum C. Seymour                                6187A   Walthamstow Branch (Badge Reissued)[28]

Chum A. J. Course                               6188A  Walthamstow Branch (Replacement Badge)

Chum H. Prior                                     6189A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum A. J. Harris                                 6190A   Walthamstow Branch (Badge Not Returned)

Chum F. E. Nicoll                                6191A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum C. Richardson                            6192A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum P. C. Brett                                 6193A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum E. Hocking                                6194A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum R. E. Burkett                             6218A   Gravesend & District Branch

Chum F. W. Clarke                              6703A   Walthamstow Branch[29]

Chum J. R. Loach                                 6704A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum B. Haynes                                  6706A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum R. Eyers                                     6707A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum V. Stiles                                     6708A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum H. Harris                                   6709A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum H. F. Stiles                                 6710A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum E. C. Webber                            6711A   Walthamstow Branch (Replacement Badge)

Chum W. H. Tucker                            7268A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum H. E. Baldwin                            7270A   Walthamstow Branch[30]

Chum F. E. Crisp                                 7273A   Walthamstow Branch (Badge Lost)

Chum A. Crisp                                     7274A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum P. W. Ellis                                 7275A   Walthamstow Branch (Badge Returned)

Chum S. A. Clark                                 7276A   Walthamstow Branch (Badge Lost)

Chum C. Cady                                      7277A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum E. W. Foster                              7650A   Wimbledon Branch

Chum A. W. Sargeant                           7908A   Walthamstow Branch

Chum F. C. Whiting                             8885A   City of Oxford Branch

Chum F. A. Brown                               8887A   City of Oxford Branch

Chum F. Hiles                                      8892A   City of Oxford Branch

Chum H. R. H. Bond                           8893A   City of Oxford Branch

Chum F. Godfrey                                 8896A   City of Oxford Branch

Chum H. Ilott                                      8897A   City of Oxford Branch

Chum H. C. F. Bryan                           8898A   City of Oxford Branch

Chum F. B. Baker                                8900A   City of Oxford Branch

Chum T. Beesley                                  8901A   City of Oxford Branch

Chum S. A. Read                                 9019A   Lewisham Branch (Expelled July 1935)

Chum A. E. Tighe                                9062A   Leeds & District Branch[31]

Chum C. E. Lock                                 9340A   Nottingham Branch

Chum A. Tagg                                      9501A   City of Oxford Branch

Chum F. W. Haynes                             9506A   City of Oxford Branch

Chum V. C. D. Miles M.M.                  9563A   Victoria (Australia) Branch

Chum R. Clarke                                               9855A   Nottingham Branch

Chum A. W. Woolley                          9859A   Nottingham Branch

Chum I. Fry                                          9983A   City of Oxford Branch

Chum J. Lanham                                  29B      Chelmsford Branch[32]

Chum H. W. Tame                              110B    City of Oxford Branch

Chum W. Boswell                                380B    City of Oxford Branch

Chum F. W. Selcome                           381B    City of Oxford Branch

Chum W. E. Bush                                554B    Walthamstow Branch

Chum S. J. Frost                                   556B    Walthamstow Branch

Chum C. Edgar                                     557B    Walthamstow Branch

Chum E. G. Rushton                            689B    Walthamstow Branch[33]

Chum C. Roke                                     697B    Walthamstow Branch

Chum W. S. Trollope                          952B    City of Oxford Branch

Chum P. Buckingham                          953B    City of Oxford Branch

Chum J. W. Nicholson                         1066B   Branch Unknown[34]

Chum F. A. Blackwell                           1543B   City of Oxford Branch

Chum C. B. Lapworth                          1544B   City of Oxford Branch

Chum T. L. Tune                                 1701B   Nottingham Branch (Replacement Badge)

Chum H. Stewart                                  1853B   Keighley Branch[35]

Chum W. Dowsing                               1928B   City of Oxford Branch

Chum J. Burke                                     1929B   City of Oxford Branch

Chum A. Couldrey                               1930B   City of Oxford Branch

Chum T. Brookbanks                           2050B   Nottingham Branch

Chum E. Bell                                       2216B   Nottingham Branch

Chum C. H. Cooper                             2265B   Nottingham Branch (Replacement Badge)

Chum W. H. Morris                             2623B   City of Oxford Branch

Chum J. Innocent                                 2664B   Nottingham Branch (Badge Lost)

Chum L. C. Warren                             2981B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum E. E. Wallace                             2982B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum A. Britton                                  2983B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum H. W. Lenny                             2984B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum E. Draper                                   2985B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum L. F. Poultney                            3119B   Branch Unknown (London Area)

Chum L. Millington                              3803B   Nottingham Branch

Chum H. A. Silvester                            3939B   Finchley Branch (Badge Lost)

Chum T. N. Smith                               3998B   Walthamstow Branch[36]

Chum J. H. Bayless                               4294B   City of Oxford Branch

Chum J. E. Mott                                   4296B   City of Oxford Branch

Chum J. H. Holmes                             4297B   City of Oxford Branch

Chum F. P. Duke                                 4299B   City of Oxford Branch

Chum A. C. Piper                                4758B   Nottingham Branch (Badge Lost)

Chum J. Yeomans                                4827B   Keighley Branch

Chum G. Byerley                                  5023B   Walthamstow Branch (Replacement Badge)

Chum F. E. Crisp                                 5024B   Walthamstow Branch (Replacement Badge)

Chum J. C. Young                                5025B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum E. F. Sear                                   5026B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum W. H. Walker                           5027B   Walthamstow Branch (Badge Lost)

Chum J. Greenwood                             5028B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum F. W. Cowland                          5029B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum L. E. Drury                                5030B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum A. Seear                                     5031B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum A. A. Willoughby                                   5032B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum F. J. Alcock                                5244B   City of Oxford Branch

Chum C. J. S. Stephens                                    5246B   City of Oxford Branch

Chum H. W. Simmonds                      5247B   City of Oxford Branch

Chum P. W. Howse                             5248B   City of Oxford Branch

Chum W. Hazeltine                             5371B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum J. W. Bunn                                5372B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum A. Brown D.C.M.                      5373B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum P. W. Cox                                 5374B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum R. Wood                                               5375B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum J. Lloyd                                      5376B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum F. Finton                                                5378B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum D. Eastwell D.C.M.                    5735B   Walthamstow Branch[37]

Chum H. C. Aldridge                           5377B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum W. Cavill                                               5379B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum A. E. Aston M.S.M.                    5380B   Walthamstow Branch (Badge Returned)

Chum R. J. Large                                  6348B   Chippenham Branch (Badge Lost)[38]

Chum H. Saban                                                6456B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum H. G. Payne                               6457B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum V. A. Williams                           6458B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum D. O’B. West                            6459B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum J. Collins                                                6460B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum G. A. Wills D.C.M., M.M.         6461B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum R. J. Robertson                          6462B   Walthamstow Branch[39]

Chum C. A. Borkett                             6463B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum W. G. Mills                               6464B   Walthamstow Branch (Badge Returned)

Chum J. E. Crouter                              6465B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum J. J. Bailey                                  6466B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum W. Cornell D.C.M.                   6467B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum W. L. Harbach                           6468B   Walthamstow Branch (Badge Lost)

Chum W. T. Probyn                            6469B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum J. Park                                       6470B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum B. E. Griffiths                             6689B   Nottingham Branch

Chum J. G. Forrest                               6690B   Nottingham Branch

Chum J. Innocent                                 6693B   Nottingham Branch (Replacement Badge)

Chum R. Jones                                     6740B   City of Oxford Branch

Chum C. Bond                                     6741B   City of Oxford Branch

Chum J. Clarke                                                6742B   City of Oxford Branch[40]

Chum W. P. Hanks                              6743B   City of Oxford Branch

Chum H. G. Gibbins                            6744B   City of Oxford Branch

Chum W. P. Culhane                           6783B   Willesden & Cricklewood Branch

Chum F. Astill                                      7314B   Northampton Branch[41]

Chum G. C. S. Piper                            7550B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum J. B. Willbourn                          7551B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum J. Wootton                                7553B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum A. Smith                                                7554B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum C. R. Wright                              7555B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum W. Freestone                             7558B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum A. E. Blunden                            7562B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum J. H. Leavey                               7563B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum H. Lodge                                   7564B   Walthamstow Branch (Badge Lost)

Chum A. H. Murray                             7565B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum H. Reed                                     7566B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum J. T. Thorpe                              7567B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum G. Pursey D.C.M.                      7568B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum W. E. Motley                             7569B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum J. Bingham                                 7570B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum W. C. Luxton                            7571B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum J. R. Middleton                          7572B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum T. Riddle                                   7573B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum W. J. Kay                                   7574B   Walthamstow Branch[42]

Chum E. B. Dunning                           7575B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum A. C. Hall                                  7576B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum G. Stewart                                  7577B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum T. W. Pope                               7578B   Walthamstow Branch

Chum H. C. Casey                                7579B  Walthamstow Branch

Chum Coggins                                      8003B   City of Oxford Branch

Chum H. Buckingham                          8806B   City of Oxford Branch

Chum H. J. Edmunds                           8807B   City of Oxford Branch

Chum W. G. Burnett                           8812B   Keighley Branch

Chum R. W. M. Emery                                    8815B   Keighley Branch

Chum F. Sugden                                  8816B   Keighley Branch

Chum A. V. Liddimore                                    8817B   Keighley Branch

Chum S. Metcalfe                                 8820B   Keighley Branch

Chum C. Carroll                                   8821B   Keighley Branch

Chum W. T. Pye                                  8822B   Keighley Branch

Chum W. Grange                                 8823B   Keighley Branch

Chum T. Duckett                                 8824B   Keighley Branch

Chum J. T. Tinkler                              8825B   Keighley Branch

Chum T. Henry                                                8826B   Keighley Branch

Chum H. Hardisty M.M.                       8827B   Keighley Branch

Chum G. Kershaw M.M.                       8828B   Keighley Branch

Chum W. Pryke                                   8829B   Keighley Branch

Chum T. H. Hayes                               8830B   Keighley Branch

Chum W. Cox                                     8831B   Keighley Branch

Chum S. C. Blair                                  9084B   Nottingham Branch

Chum S. Constable M.M.                     9233B   South Staffordshire Branch

Chum E. Foy                                        9467B   Keighley Branch

Chum C. Silverwood                            9468B   Keighley Branch

Chum G. H. Bugler                              9469B   Keighley Branch

Chum J. Martin                                                9470B   Keighley Branch

Chum H. Hainsworth                           9471B   Keighley Branch

Chum J. R. Langstaff                             9472B   Keighley Branch

Chum C. Catterson                               9473B   Keighley Branch

Chum C. B. Baker                                9475B   Keighley Branch

Chum G. Langstaffe                              9476B   Keighley Branch

Chum T. Jowett                                                9873B   Keighley Branch

Chum F. Gower                                                9874B   Keighley Branch

Chum M. A. Gardner                           9877B   Keighley Branch

Chum P. Moore                                   9878B   Keighley Branch

Chum W. Walworth                             9880B   Keighley Branch

Chum J. W. Davis                                9896B   Keighley Branch

Chum F. Stephenson                            285C    Keighley Branch

Chum A. P. Wilson                              286C    Keighley Branch

Chum A. Nixon                                                287C    Keighley Branch

Chum J. Winkley                                 288C    Keighley Branch

Chum W. Dixon                                  289C    Keighley Branch

Chum I. Moorhouse                             291C    Keighley Branch

Chum J. W. Daynes                             292C    Keighley Branch

Chum W. Longman                             293C    Keighley Branch

Chum C. Goff                                      294C    Keighley Branch

Chum J. Whitehall                               619C    Keighley Branch

Chum J. G. Freeman                            777C    Nottingham Branch

Chum J. J. Hetherington                                   987C    Nottingham Branch

Chum H. Driver                                   1567C   Keighley Branch

Chum H. Boyes                                                1570C   Keighley Branch

Chum J. E. Geldard                              1573C   Keighley Branch

Chum W. Whitaker                             1574C   Keighley Branch

Chum W. Normington                         1575C   Keighley Branch

Chum M. Derrick                                 1576C   Keighley Branch

Chum J. Chalmers                                1909C  Walthamstow Branch

Chum G. W. Budd                              1910C   Walthamstow Branch

Chum W. Robinson                             1913C   Walthamstow Branch

Chum L. W. Wilmott                          1915C   Walthamstow Branch

Chum G. E. Hydon                              1916C   Walthamstow Branch

Chum H. A. Gale                                 1917C   Walthamstow Branch

Chum G. H. Springate                          1918C   Walthamstow Branch

Chum F. S. Yates                                  2339C   Walthamstow Branch

Chum W. Ideson                                 2526C   Keighley Branch

Chum O. Ellis                                      2528C   Keighley Branch

Chum G. Whittemore                          2529C   Keighley Branch

Chum W. Templeton                           2530C   Keighley Branch

Chum J. Thomas                                  2532C   Keighley Branch

Chum A. Smith                                                2534C   Keighley Branch

Chum A. C. Piper                                3075C   Nottingham Branch (Replacement Badge)

Chum H. Willis                                               3080C   Nottingham Branch

Chum L. J. Parsons                               3342C   Walthamstow Branch

Chum G. S. Smith                                3343C   Walthamstow Branch

Chum A. E. Winchcombe                    4574C   Swindon Branch

Chum J. P. Warner                              9344C   Nottingham Branch

Chum R. Pearson                                 368D    Darlington Branch

Chum C. Cawston                                 644D    Keighley Branch

Chum B. Hum                                     645D    Keighley Branch

Chum J. Green                                     646D    Keighley Branch

Chum J. Birdsall                                   647D    Keighley Branch

Unknown                                             903D    South Australia Branch (Lost)

Chum W. N. Morris                             1807D  Reading Branch[43]

Chum W. L. Harbach                           2024D  Walthamstow Branch (Replacement Badge)

Chum E. Harrington                             2025D  Walthamstow Branch

Chum L. C. F. Bull                              2026D  Walthamstow Branch

Chum W. H. G. Clark                          2027D  Walthamstow Branch

Chum H. G. Mason                              2028D  Walthamstow Branch

Chum W. H. Walker                           2029D  Walthamstow Branch (Replacement Badge)

Chum G. Murray                                  2031D  Walthamstow Branch

Chum F. S. Townsend                          2032D  Walthamstow Branch

Chum F. J. Byerley                               2033D  Walthamstow Branch

Chum G. E. Preece                              2035D  Walthamstow Branch (Badge Lost)

Chum C. Timby                                   2036D  Walthamstow Branch

Chum S. A. Clark                                 2037D  Walthamstow Branch (Replacement Badge)

Chum C. Keary                                                2038D  Walthamstow Branch

Chum G. E. Mayhew                            2041D  Walthamstow Branch

Chum A. Murton                                  2045D  Walthamstow Branch

Chum E. Chatten                                  2049D Keighley Branch

Chum A. H. Chittenden                                   2787D  Dover Branch

Chum T. Bradley                                  3405D  Walthamstow Branch

Chum A. E. Walker                             3406D  Walthamstow Branch (Badge Lost)[44]

Chum E. Price                                      3461D  Walthamstow Branch

Chum W. Law                                      3462D  Walthamstow Branch

Chum S. F. Coles M.M.                                    3463D  Walthamstow Branch

Chum W. G. Dallison                          3464D  Walthamstow Branch

Chum H. T. Stephens                          3465D  Walthamstow Branch

Chum A. T. Hennah                            3466D  Walthamstow Branch

Chum G. A. Hurst                                3467D  Walthamstow Branch

Chum W. J. Jones                                3582D  Stockport Branch (Replacement Badge)

Chum T. A. Goff                                  3754D  Walthamstow Branch

Chum H. Lodge                                   3755D  Walthamstow Branch (Replacement Badge)

Chum G. J. Worton                             3756D  Walthamstow Branch (Replacement Badge)

Chum H. J. Brown                               3758D  Walthamstow Branch

Chum G. E. Worth                              3760D  Walthamstow Branch (Replacement Badge)

Chum C. L. Young                               3763D  Walthamstow Branch

Chum G. H. Guile                               4055D Worthing Branch

Chum D. W. Gammage                                    4856D  Ipswich & District Branch

Chum W. A. Billimore                         5018D London S.W. No. 2 (Brixton) Branch[45]

Chum H. F. Kearsey                             5552D  Nottingham Branch (Replacement Badge)[46]

Chum A. Blake                                                6274D  Reading Branch

Chum A. Murden                                 6306D  Nottingham Branch

Chum J. W. Gallimore                         6307D  Nottingham Branch

Chum J. Finan                                      6572D  Keighley Branch[47]

Chum F. W. Butler                              7087D  Hounslow Branch

Chum R. S. Cosburn                            7124D  Walthamstow Branch

Chum G. E. Preece                              7125D  Walthamstow Branch (Replacement Badge)

Chum R. E. Worrall                             7128D  Walthamstow Branch

Chum P. L. Beatty                                8573D  Bishops Stortford Branch

Chum A. E. Walker                             9733D  Walthamstow Branch (Replacement Badge)[48]

Chum C. H. Knowles                           305E     Walthamstow Branch

Chum H. S. Docksey                            347E     City of New Sarum (Salisbury) Branch[49]

Chum J. R. C. Feaver                            460E     Walthamstow Branch[50]

Chum C. W. F. Francis                         2580E   Uxbridge Branch (Replacement Badge)

Chum A. E. Joyce                                 3102E   Lewisham Branch

Chum H. E. Camp                               3122E   Dagenham Branch

Chum C. Jeffreys                                  3219E   Walthamstow Branch

Chum H. Warner                                 3655E   Walthamstow Branch

Chum J. W. Palmer D.C.M.                 3696E   Walthamstow Branch

Chum A. H. Trolley                             3730E   Walthamstow Branch

Chum S. S. Mallinson                           4019E   Walthamstow Branch (Replacement Badge)

Chum H. C. De Fraine                         4020E   Walthamstow Branch

Chum F. March                                                4021E   Walthamstow Branch

Chum G. J. De Vere                             4022E   Walthamstow Branch


[1] First Vice-Chairman of The Old Contemptibles’ Association, elected on 28 June 1925.

[2] Later transferred to Walthamstow Branch.

[3] Later transferred to Walthamstow Branch.

[4] Chum Field Marshal Sir George Francis Milne, President of The Old Contemptibles’ Association.

[5] Later transferred to Walthamstow Branch.

[6] Founder of the West Hartlepool Branch in 1928.

[7] Later transferred to Walthamstow Branch.

[8] Later transferred to Walthamstow Branch.

[9] Later transferred to Walthamstow Branch,

[10] Later transferred to Walthamstow Branch.

[11] Later transferred to London S.W. No. 1 (Wandsworth) Branch.

[12] Later transferred to Southend-on-Sea Branch.

[13] Later transferred to Woolwich & District Branch.

[14] Later joined Walthamstow Branch and transferred to West Ham Branch.

[15] Later transferred to Walthamstow Branch.

[16] Founder member of the Walthamstow Branch.

[17] Rejoined Nottingham Branch 15 July 1969. No letter suffix recorded on the Branch Nominal Roll.

[18] Later transferred to Walthamstow Branch and Clacton-on-Sea Branch.

[19] Later transferred to Walthamstow Branch.

[20] Rejoined Nottingham Branch June 1964. No letter suffix recorded on the Branch Nominal Roll.

[21] Founder member of the Walthamstow Branch, the original Branch that Chum Scrivens was a member of is not known.

[22] Later transferred to Walthamstow Branch.

[23] Chum Tovey joined the Walthamstow Branch on 9 March 1938. His previous Branch is not known.

[24] Chum King joined the Cheltenham Branch on its formation in 1947, but had previously lived in London.

[25] Joined Nottingham Branch 18 August 1964. No letter suffix recorded on the Branch Nominal Roll.

[26] Later transferred to Glasgow Branch.

[27] Chum Goodman joined the Walthamstow Branch on 15 February 1936 and, based on the information recorded on the Branch Nominal Roll, he was issued with the Badge that had belonged to Chum Fulker.

[28] Chum Seymour joined the Walthamstow Branch later in 1933 and was given the badge originally issued to Chum Laver.

[29] Struck of Walthamstow Branch Roll – Badge not returned.

[30] Later transferred to Edmonton Branch.

[31] Transferred to Keighley Branch on 1 February 1938.

[32] Later transferred to Walthamstow Branch.

[33] Later transferred to Cambridge Branch.

[34] Badge sold with 1914 Star and Clasp Group by Dix, Noonan and Webb on 16 April 2020.

[35] Joined the Keighley Branch on 8 September 1944. His previous Branch is not recorded on his Application Form.

[36] Joined the Walthamstow Branch on 17 June 1945, his previous Branch is not recorded on the Nominal Roll.

[37] Later transferred to Southend-on-Sea Branch.

[38] Chum Large’s Badge was found in the garden of his former home.

[39] Later transferred to London S.W. No.1 (Wandsworth) Branch.

[40] Later transferred to Barnstaple Branch.

[41] Later transferred to Bournemouth Branch.

[42] Later transferred to Guildford Branch.

[43] Later transferred to Walthamstow Branch.

[44] Transferred to the Walthamstow Branch on 28 January 1946.

[45] Transferred to Nottingham Branch in 1967.

[46] Transferred from Camden Town Branch on 26 September 1943.

[47] No letter suffix recorded on Branch Application Form. Chum Finan joined the Keighley Branch in June 1945.

[48] The Badge number recorded on the Walthamstow Branch Nominal Roll has no letter suffix.

[49] Transferred to Nottingham Branch on 1 November 1964.

[50] Later transferred to Founder (Hackney) Branch.

Edited by AndrewThornton
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  • 8 months later...

Hi everyone. I have just joined this group because I have an Old Contemptible Assn lapel badge in my possesion and I would like to return it to the family of its original owners family if that is possible.

I have found the badge amongst a number of items that belonged to my father who fought in WW2 as a co-pilot flight engineer in a number of different aircraft including B24's and Wellingtons. The badge was not his because he didnt fight in WW1.

The badge has the number 2037 engraved on the back and it also has the Reg No 726347 engraved on the lapel clasp part. there is I believe a manufacturers name engraved on the rear but I cant identify what it says other than the location London.

If anyone can help then that would be appreciated


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Hello JohnE.

It's a lovely idea about trying to trace the family of the Chum to whom the badge was issued, but unfortunately the records no longer exist to make this possible. As explained previously in this thread, the badges were issued in batches from Association Headquarters to individual Branches, which then issued them to a Chum once they had been accepted into the Association. Any record of the recipient of a badge would have been retained by a Branch, the Headquarters of the Association only knowing where the badge was sent to. The badge that you have probably has a letter stamped after the number, from which can be determined when it would have been issued. Of the over 50,000 badges issued during the lifetime of The Old Contemptibles' Association, the information currently available on Chums known to have been given a specific badge represents just under 1% of the total. 

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Hi Andrew. Many thanks for your very quick reply. There isnt a letter following the number so on all counts it looks as though I cant go any further Which is a real shame. I have done lots of research on my fathers time in the RAF and been able to get photos of his aircraft in which he did most of the missions in his log book and I really enjoyed pulling things together but on this occasion I guess that this little badge will remain unidentified as to its owner. Thank you again for helping me.

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As a matter of interest, JohnE, is it possible that you can post a photograph of the badge that you have please? The reason for this that there were two versions of the badge that were issued, and if the one that you have does not have a letter suffix after the number them it should be of the first version, which I will be able to confirm from the photograph.

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  • 5 months later...

for the attention of @AndrewThornton

(apologies Andrew, the following is a ‘cut and paste’ from an email I attempt to send you. Therefore it may read a little??)

I would like to furnish him with the details of my wife's late Grandfather for his records.


Fusilier John Henry Gilbert, Army No 3122854, served with the 1st Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers.

Sailed from Southampton 13th August 1914, fought at Mons at Jemappes Bridge on the Mons Conde Canal on the 23rd August.

20th October 1914, received severe gunshot wound - right shoulder and medically evacuated back to England.

Continued to serve on the Western Front with his service record showing a further shrapnel wound, 1916, and Gassed in 1918.


Survived the war and served with the colours until 1931 completing 22 years.


He settled in Gosport, Hampshire, where he was a member of the Gosport and Fareham Branch of the Association.  Member N0 1049A.

I am aware that they used to hold their monthly(?) branch meetings in two 'old' pubs in Gosport, The Wheatsheaf and the Trafalgar.


He was married to Olive and had 8 children.  He passed away on Christmas day 1954.


I (we) hope this information is of interest to Mr Thornton.  We would ask, in return, if there is any information that he holds on the Gosport Branch, we would very much be interested in reading it please.


Thanking you in anticipation of your assistance.


yours sincerely


David & Patricia Ellis

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Hello David

Thank you for your message and the reference to the Old Contemptibles' Association Badge. The number indicates that the badge was issued during 1931. At this time the Gosport and Fareham Branch did not exist, so, based on the information that you have provided, it would appear that Chum Gilbert was a member of the Portsmouth and District Branch before transferring to the Gosport and Fareham Branch on its formation in 1951.

I will have a look if I have any reference to Chum Gilbert, but in the meantime there are some details of the activities of both the Portsmouth and Gosport & Fareham Branches posted on my blog, which may be of interest:


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Hello Andrew

thank you for the prompt and interesting reply to our enquiry, and we have read the link(s) you provided. It was good to see the Wheatsheaf pub get a mention in one of the reports.

A couple of further question if I may:

Gosport branch started in 1951, do you know what month please?

Also, date and month of it’s closure?

Do you know the venue of the Portsmouth branch?

with this information, I’ll research the local press for any report(s).

Also, what is the significance of the letter D following his membership number?

Was you aware that both the Gosport and Portsmouth Branches Standards are hanging, and open to the public, in the Old Garrison Church on Southsea Common, Portsmouth. Check for opening times.

 Thank you for all your work in collating information appertaining to the ‘chums’, it certainly adds to our own relatives story.

keep up the good work!

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We are sending the attached photo, credit the original photographer, which appears in a local (Gosport) history group publication.

The centre picture, behind the marching ATC is a contingent, I believe, of Old Contemptibles (?) whilst you can only see half of the standard they are carrying, I’m sure it’s the OC’s.

Which, from the earlier information, would make it the Portsmouth Branch, albeit most of those marching would, presumably, be residents of Gosport (?).

I’ve been in touch with the local history group, but drawn a blank. Perhaps, the local press again.




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Hello again David.

The Gosport and Fareham Branch officially formed in September 1951 and the Branch Officers were elected the same month. The Branch closed in 1970 and the remaining members joined the Portsmouth Branch, some rejoining after transferring in 1951. 

There are hundreds of reports relating to the Portsmouth and District Branch (and from 1951) the Gosport and Fareham Branch available via the online British Newspaper Archive up until the late 1950s, but I have made available on my Old Contemptibles page on Facebook 100 issues (out of the 503 published between 1930 and 1975) of the Association's journal 'The Old Contemptible'. The copies of 'The Old Contemptible' also include reports from both Branches. I can't remember the number offhand, but one of the 'Old Contemptible' issues that can be viewed on my Facebook page includes a report from the Portsmouth Branch that refers to the closure of the Gosport and Fareham Branch.

Chums of The Old Contemptibles' Association did not have membership numbers. The 'D' that you refer to I assume appears on a badge or membership card. The D suffix was used on badges issued between 1939 and 1950. 

I was aware of the location of where the Portsmouth and the Gosport and Fareham Branch Standards are laid up. A flag from the Cenotaph, which was given to the Portsmouth Branch by the Imperial War Museum, was also laid up in the Old Garrison Church. 

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From 'The Old Contemptible' No. 436, May 1970 (from my own personal collection). The closure of the Gosport and Fareham Branch was noted in the same issue but no date of closure was given.


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For many years, from its formation in 1927 to at least the late 1950s, I know that the Portsmouth and District Branch held their meetings at the Garrison Church Rooms on Pembroke Road.

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Thank you Andrew 

you certainly have given us a lot to get our teeth into.

This has been an ongoing project for us to flesh out Pat’s Grandfather’s army service, which saw him joining up with the RSF, although he hails from London! Through service in S Africa, returning to St George’s Barracks in Gosport in March ‘14, only to go to France/Belgium 5 months later.

He was mentioned in dispatches at Belewaarde Ridge in 1915, won a MM in 1916 (still trying to establish for what action).

Went awol for a few days when he got married!

I mentioned he was gassed in ‘18.

After the war, he stayed with the Btn at various UK Garrisons. Glasgow, Bordon, Portsmouth, Ayr.

Despite being from London, as was his wife, they settled in Gosport on his discharge.

We’ve been upto the Regimental Museum in Glasgow, and obtained some great pictures of the Regt detraining at Gosport on their return from S Africa, as well as Btn formed up on the parade ground, in Gosport, prior to their departure for Europe in ‘14.

Also, copies of the Btn war diary for ‘14 from the PRO.

Apologies for’going on’ but wanted to share this information with a like minded person such as yourself.

 Thank you again for your generous help and assistance.

Dave & Pat


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Not a problem Dave. I also happen to have a small collection of postcard photographs of soldiers of the 1st Battalion, The Royal Scots Fusiliers in South Africa that belonged to Bandsman McDivitt (from Walsall). Some of them I posted on this forum many years ago. 

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11 hours ago, AndrewThornton said:

Not a problem Dave. I also happen to have a small collection of postcard photographs of soldiers of the 1st Battalion, The Royal Scots Fusiliers in South Africa that belonged to Bandsman McDivitt (from Walsall). Some of them I posted on this forum many years ago. 

Next time you come across them Andrew, we would love to see them please.

in return, have you seen the photo of the Btn formed up, complete with horse drawn cooks wagons, prior to their move to France in ‘14?

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I haven't seen that particular photograph that you mentioned, Dave.

Here are some of those that belonged to Bandsman McDivitt.










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Great pics Andrew, we look forward to running the magnifier over these.

the last pic, 1914, was taken inside St George Barracks, Gosport. A mile away from where we live!

photos to follow.

 Thank you for sending these over to add to the story.


Btn formed up prior to move to France.

plus, Camp Guard, S Africa 1913.



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Btn on their return from S Africa.

marching from Gosport Railway Station to St George Barracks.

note: we were lucky enough to look round the Barracks after sold by MOD and prior to redevelopment, some years ago now.



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