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Remembered Today:

Irish Army census of 1922 - Now fully searchable by name.


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Just a heads up that MilitaryArchives.ie has today updated its 1922 Irish Army Census database to allow searching by name.

I know this is slightly outside the timescale of the Great War but important for those searching for men who continued to serve on after the conflict in the Free State army.



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Superb, very useful - thanks for posting.


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Definitely a young man's army...

1 x 12 year old soldier

0 x 13 year old

14 x 14 year old

21 x 15 year olds

108 x 16 year olds

474 x 17 year olds

2,766 x 18 year olds

3,846 x 19 year olds

1 x 65 year old

1 x 64 year old

0 x 63 year old

1 x 62 year old

0 x 61 year old

4 x 60 year old

Great work by the Military Archives.

Here's Col. J.P. Hunt formerly of the 10th (Irish) Division: http://census.militaryarchives.ie/pdf/HQ_Block_Curragh_Page_18.pdf


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This time next year, we will have access to the equivalent data for the 1921 England & Wales census.

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