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Remembered Today:

Moscow Military Cemetery destroyed summer 2012

John Gilinsky

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Although I could post this in the Battlefields and cemeteries under threat due to the cultural forum centrism (!) I thought it might be better to post it here. In the summer of 2012 apparently based on the above RT online story a major centuries old Tsarist military cemetery was seriously interferred with or even destroyed by the excacavations for a children's playground.

Does anyone know exactly what happened?

What is the current status of this cemetery?

What is the full name(s) of this centuries old military cemetery?

Apparently GERMAN POWS from WWI [ are ] were buried in the cemetery.

Please help. This is one story that deserves far better coverage INTERNATIONALLY to preclude, caution or even prevent further acts of historical sabotage.

John [ aka IVAN the historian ]

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