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GHQ BEF Documents published under the CDS Reference


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I'm unable to get the film to play, Simon. it keeps coming up with "Loading error. No playable sources found", Simon, but I have previously viewed part of it. I think you could well be correct, but what particularly interests me about GHQ Artillery Circular No 7: Notes on Shooting (Compiled from the results of trials at the Overseas Artillery School is that the 'School' is misleading, in that education was not the unit's only remit. I won't claim to be anywhere near fully conversant with the subject, but nothing I've seen to date suggests the unit had any trial remit. Have you seen this IWM link http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060000100? It is another film, this time about trials of gas shells on Chapperton Down during 1917 - unfortunately there's no film to view, but it confirms the 'trials' element of the unit's remit.

I like the reference on the description of both films that Chapperton Down is near Aldershot!!


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Thanks Brian, If you click the right chevron you can get the films. As you might know, the Overseas Artillery School was set up for the Canadian and Australian forces to train them in the equipment and methods used by the BEF but it evidently also had a very important developmental role, not least in air cooperation.

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