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Photo's of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Btns Grenadier Guards.


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13 hours ago, Muerrisch said:

Fascinating, and the other aspect is that, if the correspondence is correct in identifying the man as Bailly 18707 , he was an early war time recruit and yet preparing to go to war as a L Cpl in 1914.


17168 joined on 8th August 1914
17745 joined on 1st September 1914
19626 joined on 3rd October 1914


Yes it does seem odd.  My guess is that he might have been in the Militia for a time before the war, or that he did well during basic training when perhaps told off as a squad orderly, or similar, and was judged worthy of early advancement.

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On 29/01/2019 at 19:44, HeidiS said:



I was sent this scan of Corporal J. O'Brien's Squad, Grenadier Guards. My 1st cousin 3x removed is 2nd row from the back far left - he was in the 2nd Battalion. I have also attached pictures of the names from the bottom of the photo in case it helps anyone. I would love to hear from you if anyone does have a relative in the picture. SG104298.thumb.JPG.431ab52a30fe4dcab4fd03c02f8e4e5e.JPG



Heidi, would it be possible to have a scan of the Officers headdress please. I would like to know if the cap badge ( grenade ) is bullion or bronze/gilding metal.


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Hi all, I’ve only just joined so apologies if I’m slightly off topic or rehash anything. I believe the above scan is in fact the photograph in my great aunt’s collection of her fathers belongings. My Great grandfather, Harry Naylor, is second from the left on the back row. I believe this was lent to a family friend who took the scan. Note the initial next to Naylor has been changed from N to H (I guess they made a mistake). Harry Naylor was from Bradford and would have been 20 in 1915, I’m guessing he got into the grenadiers because of his height (about 6’3”) rather than getting into the pals battalions. He was wounded September 12th 1916 near Ginchy on the Somme. 


Does anyone know anymore about this squad or how and when they would have joined, this was pre conscription correct?


i do somewhere have a few of his buttons and I believe my grandmother had more in her possession. If this is relevant I will try put something together to upload.


i have quite a number of photo graphs/scans which I will try to share. As well as the usual postcards home I also photos of my great grandfather’s autograph book which I will try to share at some point (the original being with my great aunt). It has lots of poems, drawings etc from soldiers from lots of different guards units and is quite interesting. Hope this is all relevant and I’ll try post a few images.










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Better quality photo
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Hi everyone!  I have just stumbled across this forum and hope that maybe someone can help!                              

My Great, Great Uncle, Private Richard Haughton was in  the 1st Battalion of the Grenadier Guards during the First World War.  He died from his wounds, aged just 20 years old and is buried in the Guards Cemetery in Lesboeufs in France.  This unfortunately is as much information as I have, no photo either,although I have been to visit his grave.

I can say though, if anyone is thing of visiting a war grave or the Menin Gate, do it! 

After seeing all of these photographs of Greadier Guards I am wondering/hoping if he is on any of them????????



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Hi I am having a lot of trouble trying to find a photo of my Great uncle Walter l Parkins who was a 2nd battalion Grenadier Guard 30531 he died in France Flanders. The I have tried several sites but drawn a blank one can anyone help thank you. 

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