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Discharged - coding hard to understand


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Hello Pals :D

I'm looking through Henry Ainscough's pension file. There is a string of code which I don't understand but it is the writing, its so small and hard to read. I need a second pair of eyes, and I think the code might help if you understand that sort of thing. I can make out is "...as long as its necessary to keep... in civil employment..." Am i wrong in thinking that it is the pension that is to be kept till he is back in employment? He was married with several children too.

Thanks David.



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Can't read the first word, but I think the rest is:

"..so long as it is necessary to retain him in civil employment for colliery work"

Was he recalled to the mines from the Army?


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It reads "ACI 1377 (?) to remain in Cl. (W) A. Res. so long as is is necessary to retain him in civil employment for colliery work."

Class W Army Reserve according to the LLT........

Class W Reserve and its Territorial Force equivalent Class W(T) were introduced in June 16 by Army Order 203/16. They were ‘for all those soldiers whose services are deemed to be more valuable to the country in civil rather than military employment’. Men in these classes were to receive no emoluments from army funds and were not to wear uniform. They were liable at any time to be recalled to the colours. From the time a man was transferred to Class W, until being recalled to the Colours, he was not subject to military discipline.



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