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50 Coy. RGA War Diaries - Cameroon & Togoland Campaigns


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My grandfather was serving in 50 Company RGA Sierra Leone at the outbreak of WW1. He subsequently was involved in action against the Germans in Cameroon and Togoland and was wounded at some point.

Does a 50 Coy War Diary exist in the archive anywhere?

If not can someone please point me to sources which describe the movements and actions in which 50 Coy personnel were involved.

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The Official History:


has one indexed mention but more information is probably lurking in the text.

This book:


gives a little information on the history and development of 50 Company (which appears to have been the first all-African RGA unit at gunner level).

I am not a good searcher of National Archives archives, but perhaps another Member can answer the War Diary query.


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