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Remembered Today:

Gnr David Ernest FOSBREAY RFA 233840

Jim Hastings

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Hello All,

Just discovered that the above man may be a relative of mine, the brother of my Great Grandfather. The only military documentation I can find is his MIC (I was delayed in tracing him because his surname was spelt incorrectly on his MIC, it should have been written Fosbraey) and it tells me he was awarded the VM and BWM. He was born in 1877, so take it he was not a volunteer but a Derby Scheme man or conscript. Know not much at all to go on, but could his Army Number give any clues?

All the same, great to find a fellow Gunner in the family!!

Would appreciate any thoughts or guidance

Best wishes


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The medal rolls should give his initial service date


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He could still have been a volunteer, without an enlistment date it is almost impossible to tell. Although there is only a 6 digit number listed on the MIC this may just be because he didn't go overseas until 1917.

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The number 233840 may put him in a group of men who joined the RFA from the Army Veterinary Corps between May and September 1917.

Large batches of men were transferred from Divisional Veterinary Hospitals and were numbered from 223xxx to 239xxx, along with direct conscriptions to the RFA.

I need to look closely at other numbers nearby to check this out.

EDIT: Having said that, 233802 John Eacott was a Derby Scheme man and joined No.4 Depot RFA, Woolwich direct on May 1, 1917.

233830 Walter George Ham was called up the next day.

233895 Samuel Surinamer was conscripted on June 24, 1916 and joined No.4A Reserve Bde RFA, Woolwich, on May 11, 1917.

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Many thanks Gents,

So David, highly likely he was and early May 1917 entry to Woolwich. I know the RA (RHA/RGA/RFA) was huge then so doubt there will be any trail pursuable for his service after Woolwich?

Thanks again


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