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A WW1 Smith & Wesson .455 MkII 2nd Model has surfaced here that is marked "J.R. Brown, Oxfords"

Any chance of determining which of the Oxfordshire units may have gone by the name "Oxfords"?

(J.R. Brown isn't going to be anything easy to sort out.... :blink: )


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A possibility from the SOFO database is Lt James Raitt Brown - 43rd and 9th Battalion.

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Ox and Bucks Light infantry or the Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars are two that come to mind but I don't know if either were known as 'Oxfords'.


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re gem22's post: I am pretty sure the Oxfordshire Hussars would not call themselves or be known as the 'Oxfords'. And there is a reference in their history to 'seeing the Oxfords go by'. This has to be the OBLI.

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