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Expertise sought in the MUN series at Kew


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Dear All,

I am hoping to find a researcher with expertise and familiarity with the MUN series at Kew. I am a regular Kew visitor myself, but focused in the BT series, and I am somewhat lost at present in trying to find some information.

I am writing the history of an engineering firm that built and equipped a works in London in 1915 for the production of munitions - initially with about 400 hands, rising to 2,000+ by 1918. I have some company records to go from, but they are scant. I reasoned that there would need to be Munitions Ministry records of contracts entered into, accompanying correspondence etc, and that, unless lost under a document destruction policy, this might illuminate my topic from the other end. But I have so far failed to find any trace of contact between the Ministry and my firm. Ideally I would like to discuss the research with someone that has a good familiiarity with the MUN series to see if it might be efficient to have an expert do some of the hunting for me.

Can anyone offer their help, or advice and guidance?

Many thanks,

Dr James Nye

Institute for Contemporary British History

King's College London

e-mail: james.nye@kcl.ac.uk

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Moved to "Arms" - hopefully more people will see your request here

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It might be worth dropping a message/email to TonyE on here. He has done a fair bit of work with munitions development and production.


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