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Help needed interpreting a service record please

Guest keithb

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Can someone please help to explain what this service record says and where this person was injured. It appears that he was shot in his right arm and was treated at Colchester Hospital where he was discherged on 11 December 1918. I cannot understand or follow the faint writing in the middle

Any help would be much apprecited.

Keith Bowden


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The first faint line looks like it is about him being admitted to a Field Ambulance (F.A.) possibly number 82 or 52.

The next line seems to be him being admitted to a Stationary Hospital near the French coast, but I can't read the number.


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Hi Steve

Thanks for your reply and pointing me in the direction of what to look at

The second line is '52 FA'

The line below looks to be dated 22/10/1918 and has 32 Star but I cannot read the last word

The line below dated 23/10/1919 looks like O C Ship Then there is a stamp Transported to England but under the right of this appears to be EX 33

as I dont know what any of this means it is very difficult to guess what is there

Thanks again


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The 32 Star is actually "Transferred to England ex (i.e. from) 32 Stationary Hospital per (aboard) H.T. (Hired Transport, but basically a hospital Ship) St Denis.

I think.


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