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Hospitals in the United Kingdom

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Photos of the following hospitals and/or staff available via Wellcome Collection Ref; RAMC/810/22/19.

Worth trying different browsers if images are pixelated or won't download.


4th Northern General Hospital. 1916, A good panorama of the staff outside the building.

4th London General Hospital. 1916, panorama of the staff

Rubery Hospital. Small group outside building.

Pembroke Dock Hospital. Staff outside building


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On 04/10/2019 at 03:42, Moonraker said:

A minor curiosity: The Poverty Bay Herald, Volume XLV, Issue 14711, September 17,1918 reported that the "N.Z.E.F. has also recently taken over a small hospital  at Bulford hitherto used by the Australians. It will be used for the accommodation of sick men from Sling Camp." A postcard from a New Zealand conscientious objector, Horace Melvin 60351 and dated November 17, 1918, is addressed from "No 4 New Zealand General Hospital, Bulford" and states he is on the staff of orderlies. Though Numbers 1, 2 and 3 General Hospitals are well-known, no further references to Number 4 have been found. (I've Googled and checked definitive lists of hospitals.)




Another curiosity. I have a postcard from Bulford camp of walking wounded- it is possible that my great uncle is in the photo- but his records show injury- not VD- perhaoshe was in the unknown number 4?

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Hi Mike


It would probably be better were you to start a new thread specifically about the  New Barracks hospital to catch the eye of members who have specialist knowledge. This thread is already very cumbersome. You could also tell us what info you already have - no doubt you have Googled? It's less easy to search the GWF, but Googling "Great War Forum New Barracks Hospital Limerick" will take you to what appear to be several passing references.

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Sorry if this has already turned up in the 32  pre existing pages but...

The Welcome library online collection holds annual reports for various pre war lunatic asylums. The 1913 report for The Metroploitan (ie London) asylums has a list of Hopsitials and asylums including their addresses.I don;t know if any of these became War Hospitals (seems likely some must have) in the same way as Napsbury did but the link is here https://wellcomecollection.org/works/dsncswtc/items?canvas=34&langCode=eng&sierraId=b30300393

Page 34 of the 404 in the report.


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I've posted this letter about Norfolk VAD hospitals elsewhere on the forum, but also seems relevant here. It was printed in the edition of the Diss Express dated December 11, 1914 and came from the British Red Cross County Director.


"It may be of interest to many of our readers to know that the following Red Cross voluntary aid hospitals are now in use in connexion with the sick and wounded:- Woodbastwick, Brundall, Wroxham, Ingham, Harleston, Overstrand, Garboldisham, West Harling, Cawston, Sheringham, Kirstead, Great Yarmouth, Loddon, Attleborough, Reepham, and Wymondham.


Also the following private and home hospitals:-

Norfolk and Norwich, Lakenham (military), Little Sisters of the Poor, Norwich District Nursing Home, Cromer (Red House), Cromer Greys Cliffe, Felthorpe Hall, Weasenham, Matlaske Hall, Great Yarmouth, Cromer (Fletcher Home), Gunthorpe Hall, and Brancaster."


"Mention also must be made of the Diss Red Cross Hospital, which has been at work since September 9th with casualties from the Territorial Force; and the R.A.M.C. Hospital in Norwich".


(The latter was the pre-war County Asylum at Thorpe, close to the south-east of Norwich).



(Image courtesy FindMyPast).





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andrew pugh

Hi All

How about Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow area, and 3rd London General Hospital, Wandsworth, London.



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