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Help needed with where my grandfather enlisted please

Paul Crook

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(Duplicate of a previous posting in a different forum - haven't had any answers so far and though it may be better on this forum - thanks)

My grandfather lived in Thetford in 1917 (on the Norfolk/Suffolk border). He enlisted in Leicester in October 1917, 3 months after his 18th birthday so I assume he was conscripted. However, I can't work out why he would have gone to Leicester to enlist instead of, say, Norwich or Ipswich. (He ended up in the Yorkshire Regt, but that was answered in a previous topic)

Can anyone help with this one please?



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Hello Paul

If he joined under conscription he would have been told where to report himself - it wasn't a matter of choice. It is likely that decisions as to where a man should report depended on where there were current vacancies in training units.

Norfolk and Suffolk were in Eastern Command and Leicester was in Northern Command, so it may also have been linked with some form of evening-out of inducting conscripts, and might also explain why he ended up in the Youkshire Regt.


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