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119157 Sgt Willie J Boyd


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I have Service Papers,Mic and census for Sgt Boyd. His papers show that he was sent to France on 1 June 1917 and as part of the Line of Communication he joined 13th Anti Aircraft Section on 9th June 1917. On 20th June he is shown as transferred to 114 AAS. However on 8th August 1917 he was transferred to 4th AAS and his papers state this was a transfer from 13th AAS so I'm not sure if he went to 114th or if he did, when he returned to 13th. On a recent visit to National Archives I discovered that 114th was a Central Group and 13th and 4th AAS were Baseports. There for no War diaries for any of these sections.

I would like to know if any one knows where the 13th and/or 114th were from 9th June 1917 to 8th August 1917 and the 4th AAS from 8th Aug 1917 to the end of the war.

Any information at all on these sections would be greatly appreciated

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