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Cpl Joseph Clark was killed on 30th Aug 1918 serving with the 10th Bn Tank Corps, this was just the day after the capture of Bapaume. Does anyone have access to the War Diary of the 10th Bn for 30th August, and is there any mention of the incident. A local newspaper item quotes letters received by his father which say that his tank was hit by a shell.

He is buried in Bancourt British Cemetery, close to Lot Hodkinson also of 10th Bn killed on the same day.



From Tipton Herald Sept 28th 1918

Captain Galler writes to Corporal Clark's father:- "Dear Mr Clark, I wish to express my sincere sympathy with you in the loss you have sustained through the death of your son. He had been a member of my company ever since the battalion had been in France, and I had come to regard him with the utmost affection and respect. His great skill and courage had always been of the greatest assistance to me in all the actions we went through together. His unfailing cheerfulness in the most trying circumstances made him a universal favourite. The loss is felt very keenly, not only by me, but by all his comrades."

The Chaplain writes as follows:- "Dear Mr Clark, I just send you a line of sincere sympathy from us all in your great loss. Corporal J. Clark was killed in action on August 30th. He was killed instantaneously by a shell which struck the tank. The attack was a great success that day, and I need hardly say that each man set a splendid example of courage and devotion. We buried your son's body yesterday by the side of the road close to where he was killed. The spot will be registered.

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Hello Gwyn

Thanks for your response. I hadn't seen the landships site before, now bookmarked, what a great source of information.

Although Joseph Clark is unfortunately not mentioned by name, the chaplain's words .."He was killed instantaneously by a shell which struck the tank" sounds a rather good fit for the fate of tank J8 near Bancourt...

J8 and J29 found Bancourt strongly held and proceeded to mop it up before advancing on Haplincourt with J7 and J41.

J8 fired 70 rounds 6 pdr and 500 rounds SAA but was hit twice in the left track and right side of the hull and burnt out at I31 central whilst returning from to Haplincourt, [ Company commanders report states hit whilst heading towards the village, BHS says whilst retiring) one crewman was killed, the OIC and a second crewman were wounded.

The "second crewman wounded" could have been Lot Hodgkinson of the 10th Bn who also died on the 30th and is also buried in Bancourt.

PS Lot is his forename, not my misspelling of Lt.

Many thanks



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